The roleplay belonging to this wiki is no longer operational - Falleentium-RP closed on March 4., 2018, after 7 years of roleplay. This wiki now acts as a memorial for the roleplay.

On this page you will find the administrators of the Steam Group and which areas they are mainly responsible to maintain.

You will also find a list of previous administrators and their titles.

List of Administrators on the Steam Group

  • Vinther, Founder and Administrator of Communication
  • Dane, Co-Manager and Administrator of Economic & Financial Development
  • Hess, Administrator of Military & Technology
  • Mecoo, Administrator of Law & Regulation
  • Callum, Administrator of Economy and Electoral Development
  • Kaldwin, Administrator of Warfare
  • Perry, Administrator of Popular Mobilization

List of Former Administrators on the Steam Group

  • Connor, Administrator of War & Politics
  • Eddy, Administrator of Communication
  • Kaldwin, Administrator of Communication and Warfare
  • Dane, Administrator of Communication