Apari is the core region in the Kingdom of the Straits, which composes of Apari, Nilira and Tarpon. The region has a population of 16 million where most lives in the 4 large cities of Jarrico, Königsberg, Fraustadt and Schleswig.

Apari is considered the most developed region in all of Neurope with high living standards and a booming industry and trade. The capital of Jarrico hosts the largest shipyard and harbour in all of Neurope and the trade dwarfs any other city on the continent, the only city in Neurope being able to compete with Jarrico is the sister city of Königsberg.

War monuments from the Independence War of 487AER are located at the city of Fraustadt and the town of Breitenfeld where the Royal Corps of Apari under the command of the national hero, Grand Duke Dane Marcellus, won two decisive victories over the Falleen Army.

The Saxenburg Line, a large complex of defenses and redoubts from 500AER have been presevered as a monument from the war of 500AER where the Grand Duchy of Apari was dragged into Falleentium's internal rebellions.

The Aparian landscape is characterised by being flat and full of rivers and with some hills raising up in the landscape.

Aparian Landscape

Aparian Landscape

It has a large coastline which is characterised by plants growing almost all the way out to the water at most places and with small cliffs.

Aparian coastline

Aparian Coastline

Apari lies in the temperate climabelt and has an equal ammount of warm and cold months, though it can variate due being a coastprovince.