Balbarno (officially the Duchy of Balbarno) is a historical part of the Empire of Falleentium and has around fourteen milion inhabitants. The capital is Balranico while at the same time being the largest city of the state. 


Balbarno has been a military frontier for many historical conflicts. Most famously the Talbar and Balbar wars. It has often been used as a first line of defence for the capital since it covers a very strategic route towards Corrintrin which is why there is always a major military presence. 

Administration of the Duchy of Balbarno Edit

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Balbarno's leafy forests.

Most of the state is covered by leafy forests, but there is a mountain range on the Southwestern part of the state known as the Vlaraz mountains.  Most of the state's inhabitants speak Balbish and dialects of the language except in the soutern border parts where dialects of Falleen are very frequent. The mix of the two languages found in the southern parts of the state is known as Falbar. 

Culture Edit

Culture is an important part of the Balbarnian life as many poets and artists whom later rose to prominence in the court of Darpar Emperor come from the state and the cultural region of the Balbish people.


A census of the population in 518AER found that the most popular religion is the Faith of the Four(60% of the population), followed by different Christian beliefs(30%), Islamic beliefs(6%) and other unorthodox religions(4%). 


Balbarno has one of the largest and healthiest economies in the Empire. It's GDP in 519AER exceded 35 Billion Fall. It is one of the wealthiest states in Falleentium. 


Basic Law for the Duchy of Balbarno:

Balbish Defence Forces: