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Falleentium acquired the first colony in the years 475-477AER, and from 485AER Falleentium got even more colonies and possessions around the world. In 548, the passing of the Colonial Constitutional Reform Act of 548AER changed them to "Falleen Overseas Territories", in addition to mandating Legislatures for each territory. See Also: Colonial and Overseas Parliaments and Assemblies

List of TerritoriesEdit

The Antarian DominionEdit

In the beginning of the summer it was decided and passed in the Falleen Government that it would be in the best interest for the Empire to make the southern colonies into a Dominion, and thus the Antarian Dominion was created in the summer of 515AER, but it were dissolved in 520AER.

Souecan Legislative AssembliesEdit

The Falleen Colonial Company in the SouthEdit

The Falleen Colonial Company control about 80% of all trade from the southern colonies, and has its second headquarter in Port Anderson. The company control about 45% of all trade from the Southern Ocean and over the Nilira Ocean.

In 505AER the parliament passed an act to remove the Falleen Colonial Company's control of the southern colonies, and the following proposal was adopted and approved:

-Government of Souecan Colonies Act- Signed in 505AER

Preamble An Act to restore the full control over the Souecan Colonies to the Federal Government of Empire of Falleentium.

Section I. Restoration of Federal Rule

  • Article I. The government desirous to improve the conditions of the colonies in the continent of Soueca hereby relinquishes all functions of the Falleen Colonial Company over the colonies.
  • Article II. Any matter or act regarding the colonies, will now be referred to the Ministry for Soueca.
  • Article III. All appointments regarding colonial administration will be handled solely by the Ministry for Soueca.
  • Article IV. Any external matter must be handled by a representive sent from the Ministry of Soueca and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Section II. Confiscation of all FCC assets

  • Article V. The government hereby confiscates all monetary assets of the Falleen Colonial Company.
  • Article VI. The government hereby restores all armed personel of the FCC to itself.
  • Article VII. The government hereby confiscates all naval vessels of the company to the Imperial merchant fleet.

Section III. Final dissolution of the Falleen Colonial Company

  • Article VIII. As stated in section I. article I. all matters regarding the colonies will now be referred directly to the Ministry for Soueca, thus the company is no longer required to administer or act in the name of the Crown and the government.
  • Article IX. Instead of the Colonial board, a Viceroy shall be appointed by His Imperial Majesty, to preside over the Souecan Council of Governors.
  • Article X. All trade, commercial and economical business will be handled by the Viceroy and the Souecan Council of Governors.

Postamble With this act, the federal government wishes to improve the conditions of the residents of the Souecan colonies and to remove the FCC, which is deemed untrustworthy.

"I saw land!... South of the Nilira ocean..."

- Harald Anderson

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