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Falleentium is a multi-ethnic nation, and countless languages​​, dialects and cultures are brought together under the Falleen Rule. Since Vinther II's coronation and expansion, the number of insurgent groups have increased significantly. The following page has been made to explain and describe some of these many rebel groups and different nationalities and ethnic groups living in the Falleen Empire.

Ethnic Groups in the States


  • 100% Falleen


  • 100% Falleen/Aparian


  • 90% Falleen
  • 10% Talbarish


  • 85% Balbarish
  • 15% Falleen


  • 70% Talbarish
  • 15% Falleen
  • 15% Balbarish


  • 35% Jalbe
  • 30% Balbarish
  • 30% Talbarish
  • 5% Falleen


  • 54% Talbarish
  • 31% Cartrian
  • 10% Falleen
  • 5% Jalbe


  • 62% Gorigeen
  • 33% Jalbe
  • 5% Falleen


  • 88% Veld
  • 12% Falleen


  • 78% Tarponian
  • 15% Falleen/Aparian
  • 7% Hastian


  • 95% Hastian
  • 5% Falleen


  • 91% Jalbe
  • 4,8% Falleen
  • 4,2% Gorigeen


  • 85% Cartrian
  • 10% Falleen
  • 5% Gorigeen


  • 50% Falleen/Aparian
  • 50% Niliran


  • 90% Entloeen
  • 5% Falleen
  • 5% Cartrian


  • 95% Delnish
  • 5% Falleen


  • 75% Reellamers
  • 20% Delnish
  • 5% Falleen


  • 95% Verzarian
  • 5% Falleen


  • 99% Haalsian
  • 1% Falleen

(In the colonies, "Falleen" represent most mainland ethnicities)

San Padua

  • 60% Haalsian 
  • 40% Falleen 

Port Anderson

  • 40% Zallar
  • 30% Sigiorish
  • 30% Falleen

Port Collinger

  • 70% Helkarish
  • 30% Falleen

Osten Helkar

  • 70% Helkarish
  • 30% Falleen

Port Katharina

  • 90% Falleen
  • 10% Other

Languages of the Empire

  • Darpartryo: Fallish
  • Apari: Aparian/Fallish
  • Tapanuo: Fallish
  • Balbarno: Balbish
  • Tarbanos: Balbish, Talbish
  • Delooiium: Balbish, Jalbish
  • Melmorri: Talbish, Cartish
  • Farrulli: Gorice, Jalbish
  • Veldunium: Veld
  • Tarpon: Tarpish, Aparian/Fallish
  • Hastiga: Hasti
  • Jalbetrer: Jalbish
  • Cartria: Cartish
  • Nilira: Aparian/Fallish, Entian-Cartish
  • Entloland: Entian-Cartish
  • Delnour: Entian-Cartish
  • Verzoonium: Verz
  • Haals: Haal
Your Favorite Rebel Movement?

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Veldunium Republican Army

VRA was first known as Falleentium Republican Army (FRA). But because the
Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Groups

group failed their actions as well as demoralization among the members, focused a group of members who came from Veldunium on the State Veldunium instead, and thus came the name change. VRA want Veldunium's independence and the creation of a new republic. VRA's methods are simple, but feared, especially in Veldunium. They use mostly explosives and bombs often important government buildings. However, recently VRA have lost their support in veldunium but are known to have friends in the Golden Empire.


The state Entloland have a small group of rebels who want independence and unification with the other part of Entloland, which is in the Union, Entloland-Kalmontum Union. The rebels are using similar methods as VRA, but they often use hostages and kidnapping. 

In the year 498, the Entloland Nationalist Front (ENL) incited a mass revolt and several bombings in the Entloland Capital of Granoor, so far the Ducal and State military, wiht assistance from the Catrian Ducal military, has been able to contain the widespread violence. By the year 501, the ENL has suffered immense losses to the Entloland Ducal Forces, with many of its leading officers dead or imprisoned, and its last major armed force being scattered a few weeks ago, it is not likely that the ENL will be a major political force for years to come.

Notable victims:

Duke Malcolm I of House Kaldwin: car-bombing at the Ducal palace of Granoor, suffered a leg amputation

Elizabeth Kaldwin: Malcolms bastard daughter, was killed in the same car-bombing of her surrogate father.

Balbar-Tarbar Brotherhood 

The Balbar-Tarbar Brotherhood is a group that wants the former tribal confederations Balbar and Tarbar for independent. The group is not large and it happens mostly at peaceful demonstrations, however, there have been several smaller violent events. The group have later turned into a political group that tries to get power through the state parliaments.

Jalbe Monarchical Independence Group

JMIG is a rebel group that wants the old monarchy Jalbetrer for restored and liberated from Falleen rule. The group, however, have lost much of its support over the years.

Brotherhood of Henosbrun

This insurgent group with focus on the city Henosbrun. Want the state Farrulli independent and the creation of the old democratic nation.  

The Democratic Movement

The Democratic Movement wants the Falleen Republic for restored and the removal of the royal family. The group exercises for the most part its anger at demonstrations, but has also performed several violent actions. 

United Realms Rights Defenders

URRD are fighting for the restoration of the United Realms, and the unification of the continent's nations. The organization is mainly engaged in the Entloland-region. But after the Great Civil War the group lost most of its support.

Haals Nationalists

Haals nationalists want independence and the restoration of the Kingdom of Haals. The Kingdom of Haals had its location on the island of Haa.

Ideology 501AER

Ideology distribution for the whole Empire - 501AER

The Kingdom was conquered and annexed by Falleentium and Kaarnor. Haals nationalists do often sabotage the territory of San Padua, and have their headquarters in the mountains and jungle located in the center of the island. 

Also see the Haalsian Civil War.

Southern Clan Nationalists

These rebels are focused in the southern colonies, especially at Port Anderson. They want independence from Falleen rule. They do not want colonial freedom, but the "extermination" of Falleen settlement in the south.  

Clan Freedom Movement 

A movement which through terror, used suicide bombings, assassinations, hostage-taking and other violent methods to promote their cause. Which is to restore the previous dominance which the clans once had in the South. 

The Freedom Council 

For many years, a number of movements have been active in all the empire, and all desires freedom, independence and power to the people. But today could all major cities see posters on the walls and street corners. On the posters there was a declaration on the establishment of the Freedom Council. All indications are that a number of democratic and freedom movements have come together i a great movement of the people, whether it is peaceful or not is not known yet.

The movement calls for the following:

  • The state Verzoonium must be given back to Verzarent
  • The state Entloland must be given back to the Entloland-Kalmontum Union
  • The state Farrulli must be given back to the People's Republic of Gorigium
  • The freedom of the principalities Veldunium and Jalbetrer.
  • Greater freedom for all states.
  • The Grand Duchy of Apari's completely independent.
  • Port Mecoo must be given back to the Kingdom of Haals.
  • Port Anderson must be given back to the Clan Confederacy.
  • Port Collinger, Osten Helkar and Port Katharina should be given independence. 

Over the years the Freedom Council has lost its support from the people, and not many knows the group's true goals anymore.

The Vintherian Structural Movement 

For years, Vintheriu has struggled with the empire over the issue of statehood as the colony has sought to join the empire as a full fledged state rather then just a colony. With the establishment of The Freedom Council by others mostly outside Vintheriu, the people of Vintheriu have banded to voice their desires themselves rather then by some foreign council with its own agenda. Only a handful of Vintherians support the Freedom Council while the rest have formed the Vintherian Statehood Movement, dedicated to obtaining its goals through peaceful means. The group later renamed themselves the Vintherian Structural Movement as they began to push for the improvement of the colony and colonial living standards while continuing their push for either statehood or freedom.

  • The establishment of Vintheriu as a state of the Falleen Empire or independence for Vintheriu.
  • The chance to form a Vintherian Imperial Regiment for service in the Imperial Military.
  • Betterment and improvement of Vintheriu and living standards.

The Karzarint Faction 

We, the Karzarint Faction, want the security of the Falleen Empire, We, the Karzarint Faction, want the Freedom Council's unlawful demands for independence of States for removed, We, the Karzarint Faction is serving and protecting the Falleen regime, We, the Karzarint Faction want unification and assembling of the rightful Falleen possessions, We, the Karzarint Faction will if necessary use force in the name of the holy cause of the imperial power. 

The Aparian Reunification Movement 

A movement that requires Apari back to the Falleen Federation. Their first attack was a bomb attack which killed 36 people, as well as 22 in a warehouse which all had been painted the Aparian colors on their bodies. This was to symbolize the 22 years that Apari had been free from the Federation (510AER). 

Vazii Friicna 

The Protectors of Vazii Friicna is an anarchist terrorist / freedom group (depending on how you look at it), wishing to put an end to tyranny, oppression and deprivation of liberty. "Vazii Friicna" come from an ancient Sigiorian language and can be translated as "White Freedom". (see main article)

The Three Clans

A terrorist groups that in the wake of Vazii Friicna's destruction occurred in the former central regions of the old Clan Confederation. The group's goal was to restore an ancient monarchy called the Kingdom of the Three Clans.

The people have right to get their freedom, do not let the corrupt leaders oppress you, for You have the sole right to make decisions about yourself, not Them.

- Aaron A. Nimzowitsch, senior member of the Freedom Council, was shot and killed in a police operation, wanted for terror.

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