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Faith of the Four

The belief in the Four Gods, is widespread on almost all of Neurope and Soueca. It is the gods Ignissar, Aquanis, Ventuslar and Terralar which respectively represent fire, water, wind and earth. The religion can be traced back to 3AER where it was recognized by the Principality of Darpartryo, but the religion has without a doubt existed for a much longer time, nevertheless, people celebrate every year on the first Saturday in August, the four gods in a huge festival where millions of people gather at eg. parades and fireworks. The ruler of Darpartryo have since the religion recognizing been awarded the title of Defender of the Faith of the Four. (How to Understand the Religion)


Christianity is a widespread religion, and there can be found large Christian groups on all continents. The nations of Cantonos and the Golden Empire/Vanossium are the two major Christian nations, and both have claimed to be the head of the religion. You often say that the gap between the two Christian nations goes by Neurope and the great Thousand Island Ocean. The religion has been commonly known for over 2000 years. And is the oldest religion beside Islam and the pagan faiths.  
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You will primarily find islam in the East, where the Grand Imam of the Free United Cities, is considered the major leader of the religion. Islam and Christianity have lived alongside each other for over 2000 years, but extreme Islamic and Christian groups has fought against each other, especially in the Shiha-region.

Christian Orthodox

Christian Orthodox consists of the countries Arum, Balchepra and Faraal who chose to separate themselves from the rest of Christianity for around 800 years ago, due to disagreement on the interpretation of the religion, and the continuing division between Cantonos and the Golden Empire/Vanossium. However, the three countries have been at war many times, and it's almost ironic that they are not allies.

Pagan Religions

The Pagan Religions is not found in many places anymore, and only the countries Verzarent, Jallar and the Clans has a pagan religion recognized. And these ancient religions is slowly disappearing across the globe.

Followers of the Black Sun

The Followers of the Black Sun began as an extreme and ultra militarily religion and had its home in the core regions of the Shihaian Empire. The Followers of the Black Sun is the heart of the Black Army.

You great Gods, You who protect us with your divine powers, guide us to the golden age, because only You can tell us the true meaning, because only You can show us the way to the better place.

- Herold Dacilius, High Priest of the Faith of the Four.

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