A brief description of the different states's background stories.


Darpartryo was a small colony in the large Cantonosian Colonial Empire which Cantonos had created along the east coast. Darpartryo was named after the Darpar Family whose ancestors were the first who came to this region which today is called Darpartryo. The most famous family member from the Darpar Family is Wilhelm Darpar who was the main character in the War of Independence and the founding of the Principality of Darpartryo. Darpartryo has always been a small nation but has always hold a considerable power over its surroundings.


Apari was like Darpartryo and Tapanuo a colony that won its freedom from the motherland. Apari was one of the few nation which was established as a democratic nation, and was an important player in the creation of the Republic of Falleentium. Apari managed later to make itself independent from the Falleen Federation and is the core region in the Kingdom of the Straits.


Tapanuo's foundation is a sad story. Tapanuo's size today was not the same as at its founding. In fact, Tapanuo's size today are three times larger than when Tapanuo was established. Tapanuo was a weak colony, which eventually was left by its homeland and at the same time threatened daily by hostile tribes from the west. First with the union with Darpartryo, Tapanuo got a lot stronger position, and finally after the hundred and twenty-year long Tarbar War, Tapanuo became an extremely strong region.


Balbarno is a region that was conquered by Falleentium during the Balbar War, when the newly created Falleen Empire went into war against the Balbar Tribes. The Balbar Tribes were a number of native tribes who lived in what we today call Balbarno and eastern Delooiium. The Balbar Tribes lost the war against Falleentium and were almost wiped out, but its people lived on under Falleen Rule.


Tarbanos was conquered by Falleentium after the Balbar War, when a joint union of Balbar Tribes unsuccessfully tried to stop the Falleen offensive. Tarbanos is home to the remains and the ancestors of the infamous Tarbar Tribes, which in 120 years fought against Darpartryo, Tapanuo and Apari, and later the Republic of Falleentium. The Tarbar Tribes are the only ones (besides Falleentium) who has managed to unite all the tribes of Tarbanos, Balbarno, Delooiium, Melmorri and Cartria.


Delooiium was before its inclusion in Falleentium divided between the inland tribes and the Kingdom of Jalbetrer.


Melmorri was before its inclusion in Falleentium divided between the Tarbar Tribes and Cartria.


Farrulli has never been an independent nation, although individual groups in Farrulli wish this. Before Farrulli's inclusion in Falleentium northern Farrulli was part of the Kingdom of Jalbetrer and its southern region a part of the many Gorice mini-states.


Veldunium share a long and common history with Falleentium and especially with Darpartryo. Veldunium has its origins from some of the same ancestors as Darpartryo and the two regions's language and culture are very similar to each other. Veldunium achieved its independence about the same time as Darpartryo, and like Darpartryo, Veldunium was founded as a principality, but was later turned into a kingdom. Veldunium and Falleentium has always been allies and has never been at war against each other. Veldunium was half as large when it was founded, but through wars together with Falleentium, Veldunium managed to annex Jalbetrer's eastern regions.


Tarpon was before its inclusion in Falleentium an independent kingdom and one of the few nations that were present before the colonization's beginning. Tarpon are therefore an ancient kingdom, that, however, was conquered by Falleentium after the War of Supremacy on the Continent. Tarpon is now a part of the Kingdom of the Straits.


Before Hastiga's inclusion in Falleentium after the United Realms had lost the War of Supremacy on the Continent, Hastiga was an independent country under the name, the Democratic Dominion of Hastiga. A free democracy, however, was not the case. Hastiga's time as an independent nation is known as a time in isolation. Only when Hastiga chose to become part of the UR, its policy of isolation ended.


Jalbetrer was an independent kingdom before its inclusion in Falleentium. Jalbetrer's time as an independent kingdom is best known as a time of disunity and civil war. Jalbetrer changed from being a region united under one kingdom to be a region divided between an Eastern and a Western Kingdom of Jalbetrer. A mix of internal chaos and lost wars to Falleentium and Veldunium resulted in Jalbetrer becoming a part of Falleentium.


Nilira was long a part of the Kingdom of Delnour, but was transferred to Falleentium after the War of Supremacy on the Continent. Nilira is now a part of the Kingdom of the Straits.


Cartria is a large region which has had varying rulers, and typically more at once. At the founding of Falleentium, Cartria's many nations and states was united under the Cartrian Confederation. The union, however, was weak and was frequently attacked and conquered by the Kingdoms of Entloland and Delnour. Cartria became part of the United Realms before it became part of Falleentium. Cartria is also known as the civilized region of the inland tribes.


Entloland was a strong independent kingdom which ruled over large areas to the west. Entloland was the key player in the creation and control of the United Realms. But since its defeat to Falleentium and Verzarent, Entloland's core areas has been divided and separated.


Delnour was a kingdom to the south that also ruled over Nilira and the islands. Delnour became part of the United Realms, and conquered by Falleentium after the defeat in the War of Supremacy on the Continent.


Reellam was a region in Delnour. And only after Falleentium's decision to separate the region from Delnour has Reellam found a sense of nationality different from Delnour.


Verzoonium was the eastern part of the Empire of Verzarent and later the core region of the Eastern Kingdom of Verzarent. Verzoonium was conquered by Falleentium after the two Verzarian kingdoms's (Eastern Kingdom of Verzarent and Empire of Verzarent) defeat in the Falleen War against the Two Verzarent.


Haals was a longstanding independent kingdom in the East which was controlled by a Christian elite who for a long time dominated the political life over the general Muslim population. The kingdom was, however, a small but stable and peaceful country. This peace, however, was gradually challenged by both internal and external elements which first led to a partial annexation by Cantonos and later a long conflict with Falleentium that ended with war and occupation several times until the kingdom was finally annexed by Falleentium.

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