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Acts & Reforms

-Archiving Act of 496AER-

-National Security Act of 502AER-

-Nobility & National Guard Act of 502AER-

-State and Federal Contemporary Control Bill of 503 AER-

-Military Enhancement Bill of 503 AER-

-Prison Labor and Pension Bill of 503 AER-

-Terror Act of 503AER-

-Prison Reform Act of 505AER-

-Recognition Act of 505AER-

-Re-organisation of the Army Act-

-Referendum Act of 513AER-

-Sport Reform of 513AER-

-Citizens Equality Act of 515AER-

-Martial Law Act of 515AER-

-Nuclear Power & Weapons Act of 516AER-

-Military Law & Court Act of 516AER-

-Humane Assisted Suicide Bill of 517AER- (Repealed in 570AER)

-Freedom of Speech Act of 517AER-

-Equal Marriage Rights Bill of 519AER-

-Federal Decentralization Act of 519AER-

-Housing Act of 519AER-

-Reformation of Fourth Tier Education Act of 519AER-

-Social Educational Welfare and Working Reform of 519AER-

-Universal Patent System of 519AER-

-Equal Service Act of 520AER-

-Falleen Labour Service Act of 520AER-

-Police Reform of 520AER-

-Radio Communications Act of 523AER-

-Parliamentary Rebalancing and Reform Act of 523AER-

-Representation of the States Act of 524AER-

-The Religious Representation Act of 525AER-

-Taxation Reform Act of 525AER-

-Imperial Code of Law Act of 526AER-

-The Parliamentary Process Act of 526AER-

-The Justice Act of 527AER-

-Centralisation of Intelligence and Security Service Act of 527AER-

-Military Expansion and Rearmament Bill of 527AER-

-State Financial Budget Bill of 527AER-

-Gambling Act of 528AER- (Repealed in 557AER)

-The Presidency of the Imperial Senate and Imperial Council Act 529AER-

-Security Forces & Armed Guards Act of 531AER-

-Finance & Economic Act of 531AER-

-Two Tier State Parliament Act of 531AER-

-National Football League Act of 531AER-

-Parliamentary Pay Reform Motion of 532AER-

-Foundation of His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of 535AER-

-Free School Meals Act of 535AER-

-Healthy School Meal Act of 536AER-

-Human Rights Act 536AER-

-Equal Wage Act of 356AER-

-The Blind Person’s Act of 537AER-

-Falleentium Works of 538AER-

-Incitement of Disaffection Act of 542AER-

-Treason Through Trade Act of 543AER-

-Imperial Coast Guard Act of 543AER-

-The Deputy Chancellorship Act of 544AER-

-Imperial Coast Guard Missions Act of 550AER-

-The Pension Reform Act of 551AER-

-The Federal Finance and Taxation Act of 552AER-

-Military Reform Act of 552AER-

-The Animal Protection Act of 552AER-

-Foreign Rebuilding Act of 553AER- (Expired)

-The Inheritance Tax Act of 555AER-

-The Family Relations Act of 555AER-

-The Parliamentary Resizing Act of 556AER-

-The National Guard Reform Act of 555AER-

-The Uniformity of State Education Act of 556AER-

-The Parliamentary Petition Act of 557AER-

-Military Services Age and Retirement Act of 558AER-

-Standard Military Code of Justice Act of 558AER-

-The Imperial Investment Act of 559AER-

-The Imperial Immigration Act of 559AER-

-The Foreign Aid Act of 561AER-

-Ancient Sea Trade Agreement (ASTA), 561AER-

-The Falleen Auditing and Donation Act of 562AER-

-The Family Support Act of 565AER- (Repealed in 583AER)

-Establishment of the Imperial Weather Bureau Act of 565AER-

-Establishment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Act of 565AER-

-The Refugee Act of 565AER-

-Living Wage Act 566AER-

-Gun Control Act of 567AER-

-Indecency With Children Act of 567AER-

-New Towns Act of 567AER-

-Living Spaces Act 567AER-

-The Community Protection Act of 567AER-

-Consumer Product Safety Act of 567AER-

-The Act for the Protection of Falleen Cultural Heritage, 569AER-

-Academic Awards Act of 569AER-

-An Act to Establish the Border Services Agency, 570AER-

-Establishment of the National Homeless Register Act 571AER-

-Establishment of the National Competition Authority Act 571AER-

-Practical Education Act 571AER-

-The Rail Fares Act of 571AER-

-The Public Military Equipment Safety Act of 571AER-

-Military Reform Act 572AER-

-Technical Schools Act 571AER-

-University Quota Act of 572AER-

-Federal Farmers Fund Act 573AER-

-The Scientific Fundings Act of 573AER-

-Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act 574AER-​

-Affordable Health and Investment Act 574AER-​

-The Intelligence Services Funding Act of 575AER-

-Targeted Educational Investment Act 575AER-​

-Regional Development Act 576AER-

-Emergency Medical Services Act, 576AER-​

-Reservist Labour Incentivisation Act 576AER-

-Excise Duties Act 576AER-

-Infrastructural Investment and Employment Act of 575AER-

-Consumer Financial Protection Act 577AER-​

-The Police Auctions Act of 577AER-​

-Support of the Home Front Act 578AER-

-Charitable Exemption Act 582A​ER-

-Credit Domestic Relief Act, 583AER-​

-Higher Education Loan System Act of 582AER-​

-Value Added Tax Act of 585AER-

-Exclusivity of Foreign Policy Act of 585AER-

-Nuclear Drill Act of 585AER-

-Ratification of the Falleen-Crontasia TIFA Act of 585AER-

-Establishment of the Department of Energy Act of 585AER-

Paragraphs & Resolutions

-Parliament Paragraph-

-Execution Murder & Capital Punishment Paragraph-

-Immigration and Refugee Resolution of 506AER- (Expired)

-Imperial Senate Paragraph-

-Federal Broadcasting Company-

-Outlawing of Paramilitaries-

-Ministry Paragraph-

-Vote of No Confidence Paragraph-

-Brussels Agreement Act 575AER- (Expired)

-Federal Election Postponement Ac​t 577AER- (Expired)

-Western Veldunium Self Determination Act 577AER- (Expired)

-Haals Government Restoration Act 578AER- (Expired)

-Resolution to Repeal the Reellamer Revocation of Collective Bargaining Agreements- (Enforced)

-Jalb Reunification Act of 584AER-

-Referendum of the Unification of Collinger and Osten Helkar, 585AER-

-Federal Securities: New powers of the Imperial Treasury (Section 4, Federal Budget, 585AER)-

Kingdom of the Straits

-Darparian-Aparian Compromise-

Kingdom of Darpar-Veldunium

-The Royal-Imperial Unification Agreement-

Kingdom of Haals

-The Haalsian Resolution Act of 562AER- (Expired)

-The Accession of the Kingdom of the Haals to the Falleen Empire Act of 568AER-

IC & OOC Rules & Regulations

-Rules for War Updates- (not in use)

-Regulations for Announcement-

-Regulation and Guidelines of Imperial Senate Voting-

-Regulation and Guidelines of Chamber of Deputies Voting-

-Regulations for the Creation of Coalitions-

-Regulations for Parliamentary Activity-

-How to Challenge a Vote in the Upper House-


-Nilira Alliance of 504AER- (Modified in 570AER) 

-Nilira Alliance Treaty of 570AER-


-The Colonial Defence Act of 506AER-

-Colonial Policing Act of 520AER-

-Colonial Suffrage Bill of 523AER-

-Colonial Constitutional Reform Act of 548AER-

Federal State Laws

-Basic Law for the Duchy of Balbarno-

-The Constitution of the Grand Principality of Cartria-

-The Reellam State Constitution-

-Constitution of the Duchy of Farrulli-

-Constitution of the Duchy of Entloland-

-Constitution of Haals-


(Note that some of the decrees no longer are valid or has been revoked/removed. This is only a list of all the decrees (almost).)

-Chancellorial Decree 8 538AER-

-Chancellorial Decree 9 358AER-

-Chancellorial Decree 10: Infrastructure & States Budgets-

-Chancellorial Decree 11 Heightened Security and The VDF-

-Chancellorial Decree 12-

-Chancellorial Decree 13-

-Chancellorial Decree 14-

-Chancellorial Decree 15 The Outlawing of the NFPWP-

-Chancellorial Decree 16-

-Chancellorial Decrees 577AER (17 & 18)-

-Chancellorial Decrees ​579AER (19, 20 & 21)-

-Chancellorial Decree 579AER 22-

-Chancellorial Decree 579AER 23-​

-The Malruricaian Acts (Chancellorial Decree #24)-​

-Chancellorial Decree 25 583AER-

-Chancellorial Decree 26: The Budget Crisis- (Withdrawn same day)

-Chancellorial Decree #27-

-Chancellorial Decree #28 - The Outlawing of the Verzarian Front-

Colonial Decrees

-Colonial Decree 1-

-Colonial Decree 2-

-Colonial Decree 3-

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