General InformationEdit

The Principality of Darpartryo has been the Capital State of the Empire since its foundation in 98AER. Prior to this it had spent roughly 50 Years as a Colony of the Cantonos before achieving its independence in 4BER upon which it was refounded as the Principality with House of Darpar as its Royal Family. The Capital of the State is Corrintrin which is the central seat of power for both the Imperial Government and the Royal Family.

The City of Corrintrin is surrounded by a number of city walls, some of which date back to its foundation in 56BER. These walls still stand today, mostly for their symbolic meaning, and over the years it had been decided to maintain the walls, and even rebuild them when the Capital have been attacked over the course of time.

The heart and center of Darpartryo is generally centered around the capital, and all the major highways, train routes and air routes go past this busy city. Despite this there are 3 other sizable cities within the State; Fredericksburg, Königs-Stadt & Brussels.

History Edit

Darpartryo was named after its founder, Wilhelm Darpar, who also gave the Principality its Royal Family who continue to rule it to this day.

Historical Status
Colony of Cantonos 56 BER - 4 BER
Principality of Darpartyro 4 BER - 98 AER
Capital State of Falleentium 98 AER - Present
Kingdom of Darpar-Veldunium 525 AER - Present
Principality of Darpartryo
Current Royal Family House Darpar

The Landscape of the StateEdit

Darpartryo is very flat and mostly covered with fields, small forests and rivers. To the east hits the state the sea, to the north Balbarno, south Apari, and to the southwest Tapanuo.

The state has a very temperate climate, with an almost equal distribution of cold and warm seasons.


The Capital

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The River Utrizz