Meaning and BackgroundEdit

The Earth Revolution covers a wide range of events that occurred all over the Earth. From about 50 years before the year we call year 0, began a series of revolutions in Crontasia and Suttacasia. People rebelled against the local government, or against a distant power. Kingdoms, principalities, colonies, etc., all saw revolutions or smaller rebellions. The revolutions spread on to Genorcasia, and on to the Cantonosian colonies on Neurope. From Neurope spread the new revolutionary ideas and views all the way to Goldtrium. And after approx. 60-50 year worldwide revolution or rebellion, ended it all almost at the same time. This year was declared the year zero. And this became the world's new timeline - BER (Before Earth Revolution) and AER (After Earth Revolution). Some pleaces are the old system still being used (more or less), and in this system is eg. is the year 500AER the same as year 2500.

The Earth Revolution, unfortunately, did not stopped all the wars.

- Unknown Jalbian Writer