The House of Enfald is a noble House. They are the barons of Port Katharina and in the past had prestigious positions in Falleentium.

Enfald Castle, Port Katharina Outskirts - Taken in Summer 509 AER

  • Name: House of Enfald
  • Founded: 489 AER
  • Leader: Frederick F. Enfald
  • Notable Leaders: Frederick F. Enfald, Filippos P. Enfald
  • Noble Estate: Enfald Castle, Port Katharina

The BeginningEdit

The Family was founded by Petrodotus Enfald, Father of 1 time Consul, General and Baron of
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1979-013-43, Wilhelm Canaris

Petrodotus Enfald. Aged 63 2 years before his death.

Port Katharina Filippos P. Enfald. He was born in a small Village near Corrintrin by a poor family around 430 AER. He was raised alone by his mother and father. At the Age of 19 he graduated from School and went to the Corrintrin Imperial Military Academy. He then graduated as Corporal at the age of 24. He then joined the Army and worked there until the Age of 40. When at the time he was Brigadier he left the Army. He joined the Imperial Guards as their commander and served at this post until being executed in 495 AER by revolutionaries. His son, Filippos P. Enfald was born between 475 AER or 480 AER.

The HouseEdit

Filippos P. Enfald was the one who made the Family of Enfald a noble House.