When the News cameEdit

Capital Newspapers across the country could this morning publish the country perhaps greatest secret missions. And perhaps biggest scandal?

It has been found out that the captain is named Victor H. Karlson, who during the civil war's bloodiest period was to order the execution and to defeat the government forces who were loyal to the former Consul. These missions took place in the cities Tranxlan and Hiktia, and probably more.
Found sources suggest that about 519 government soldiers were killed in just these two missions, but also civilians, women and children, have been killed in these attacks. And some sources allude to that in Tranxlan there where killed 89 civilians at the end of 499AER.

No sources or information say where this captain is or whether he is still alive.

It has been found out that mission Bird War, also had another goal. And the goal was to promote insurgency in the country against the Consul, these rebel was encouraged by promising the rebel groups greater freedom and even independence, which they still have not received.

Many of our major rebel groups were promised plenty of things in return to rebel against the Consul, which one must say was successful in the beginning of 500AER.
Whether all this rebellion were started by mission is not known.

We have no information on who the Lieutenant Colonel or Major is, nor the colonel who was in charge of the Verzarian invasion of Jalbetrer.

However, it appears that all these were Imperial soldiers.

Furthermore, the idea behind the Verzarian invasion were also to promote a chain reaction within the Union, which succeeded since the Union invaded in a joint attack.

Everything indicates that this is committed by Imperial troops during the Civil War, and the later mass popular uprising, as well as joint union invasion, was all planned by these soldiers.

No clear evidence indicates that the Emperor was involved.

But neither the Imperial Office or the Government has commented on this to the press, but the Imperial News have stayed neutral in all these allegations.