~To: High Command and Imperial Parilament. 


Intelligence reports from various sources all over the colony of Port Mecoo have recently indicated a deeper conection to the Kingdom of the Haals. After a preliminary analysis, further investigation was warranted, and so we launched a full investigation. After some weeks we have uncovered a direct link between the KoH and Pro-Haals nationalists. Weapons and training have been beig supplied to them for almost two years as far as our intelligence sources cite, and the KoH have been backing the terrorist groups in a fight against Falleen rule in an attempt to gain the colony under their control. Members of the Pro-Haals groups have told our investigators that they regularly get shipments of supplies weekly[and even detailed one of our undercover agents to handle said shipment, which we managed to get a police raid on], coming off of a Kaarnorian freighter that is contracted by a Haalsian company suspected of being a cover by the Haals Government. In the busted shipment, 600 rifles, 4,000 Rifle Ammunition clips, 250 pistols, 1,000 piston ammo clips, and 500lbs of explosives were uncovered, hidden underneath a supposed shipment of fruit. Other ones found by undercover agents have been recorded as having bullet proof vests, heavy weapons and ammo, and more standard weapons. From what is gathered, they have enough supplies to conduct a small war on Falleen soil. 

~Director of Naval Intelligence Service.