Neam Capital Nilira

Nilira is one of the three regions of Apari, Nilira and Tarpon who forms the Kingdom of the Straits.

Little is known about Nilira's history. Before it became part of the United Realm in the 460s-470s it is only known that the island region was united in a loose federation.

Since it became part of the Grand Duchy of Apari, now the Kingdom of the Straits, the central powers in Jarrico worked hard to develop the region and in the progress began a slow yet steadily assimilation. Today Nilira is on the same level as another region in Neurope and due to Straitian efficiency it even outrivals a few despite the low population of 7 million. The regional capital of Neam, which host the Nilira Alliance Assembly, and the city of Valencia are large trade hubs with a ever growing industry.

Over the last few decades the demographics have changed ever so slighty, making Aparian the dominant culture in the region (60%).

The Kaldwin family originally comes from Nilira, but are largely forgotten by the people and those who remember the family remembers them with contempt.