Not much information is available about Rafael Menendias, except that he probably is the leader, or at least one of the major players behind the Protectors of Vazii Friicna. Menendias originate from the clan Sigior, but is a well known figure among the other two clans Helkar and Zallarkarla.

During the Great Souecan RebellionEdit

During the rebellion in the South, Rafael Menendias played a major role in the organizing of the war. However, he remained hidden most of the time. However, in an episode with Falleen soldiers - the world came to see his methods when a whole Falleen unit was tortured and killed by cold blod. Menendias and Vazii Friicna disappeared from the front during November and December in 510AER, and when the clan rebellion was at its fall, there was no sign of Menendias and Vazii Friicna. It remained a mystery.

After the Great Souecan RebellionEdit

After the revolution Menendias disappeared from the public, and the world first heard about him again in 514AER where he allegedly should had written the following:

Hear me oppressed people suffering under the Falleen Crown and Rule!

Hear me people from Neurope and Soueca! 

Do not let yourself be tamed by this tyrannical rule! 

You who want freedom and independence, rise up against injustice and win your freedom by force! 

Use every effort to take back what is yours! 

Do not let you be defeated! 

Do not be afraid of their military forces, WE will help you in the fight against the oppressors! 

Join together and fight together in a united force against a regime that has suppressed you for over a half century! 

Helkar, Sigior and Zallarkarla join up and unite once again against the forces who has occupied our country and our people! 


Fight against those who want to hurt you and your loved ones! 

Fight against those who only are after our land and wealth! 


Because I promise you all, that we, the Protectors of Vazii Friicna, will prevail this time, no matter the cost! 

An empire will fall! 

Imperialism and tyranny will fall! 

Freedom will prevail! 

Vazii Friicna!!

The Death of Rafael MenendiasEdit

In late summer of 525AER Rafael Menendias, were killed in a joint police/military operation composed of units from Falleentium, Verzarent, Sigior and Helkar-Zallarkarla. Menendias had for several years been hiding, but after a very long investigation of Vazii Friicna-members, police units succeeded to find and kill the notorious leader - in a operation that lasted for 37 minutes. Two policemen were killed, and all 18 Vazii Friicna-members were killed, including Rafael Menendias. Vazii Friicna had falled, and Soueca were free from its worst terror group.