The SCLA is a now-defunct recreation of the Soucean Legislative Assembly, which was a quasi-governing body of the Southern Colonies, and was responsible for a few bills, however neither one ever had much affect due to the changing political situation in Corrintin. Notably, one a few years after the creation of the SCLA, the Parliament passed and act allowing for full representation in the Upper and Lower Houses, thereby making the SCLA pointless, and it was closed there-after.

Colonial Assembly LegislatureEdit

Section I: The Assembly ClauseEdit

I. The Assembly is a collection of all the Colonies of the South.

II. Colonial Seats are divided up depending on a Colonies population.

III. Colonies are free to join or leave the Assembly via a Plebiscite. 

IV. The Assembly is represented by the Minister of Colonial Affairs on the Falleen Cabinet.

VIII. All Members of the Assembly may propose an act to be voted upon.

IX. All Proposals in the Assembly must be passed by 55%.

Section II: The Ministerial ClauseEdit

I. The Minister of Colonial Affairs has to be a noble from one of the Colonies that currently resides in the Assembly. 

II. The Minister holds the power to veto any legislation that is felt to be contradictory to the Imperial Government's stance or current views.

III. The Veto right can only be used with consent from the Imperial Chancellor.

IV. The Veto lasts for a period of 2 years.

V. Once a Proposal has been passed in the Assembly it is the Minister of Colonial Affairs job to move this legislation over to the Falleen Federal Council and propose it on behalf of the Colonies and argue its case.