The Duchy of Tapanuo is a federal state of the Empire of Falleentium. Tapanuo borders Tarbanos, Balranico, Darpartryo, and Apari. The state is named after the Tapanuo River near Tarbanos on the Western border.


Tapanuo has a landscape largely defined by level, flat plains that cover roughly four-fifths of the area of the state. The remaining one-fifth of that land is on the Western border, where forests and rivers exist, as well as the sinuous and dangerous Vlaraz Mountains that form the border between Tapanuo and Tarbanos.

The most populous metroplitan region is centered around the capital city of Yttinnis. Most cities, including Yttinnis, are located inland, but coastal cities such as Venning and Islev serve as important ports.

Tapanuo's rural areas and small towns in the center of the state contrast sharply with the industrial nature of cities like Yttinnis and Islev. Many towns center around a green, or a town center. Near the green can be found historical meeting houses, taverns, and houses, establishing a scenic historic appearance maintained for both historic preservation and tourism.


Early HistoryEdit

As with other early states of Falleentium, Tapanuo was founded by colonists from Cantonos but separated approximately a year before the Earth Revolution. Uniquely, Tapanuo did not fight a war of independence but was rather abandoned by Cantonos. Unlike the surrounding Principality of Darpartryo and Apari, Tapanuo lacked a strong political structure or leadership and was merely a loose confederation of villages. For this reason, Tapanuo entered into an alliance with Darpartryo which developed into a political union. 

Historical Status
Colony of Cantonos c. 60 BER — 1 BER
Independent State 1 BER
Political Union with Darpartryo 1 BER — 98 AER
State within Falleentium 98 AER —
Duchy of Tapanuo
Historical Ducal Families

House Guequierre
House Arrington

House Lecter of Tapanuo

Current Ducal Family House Rutland of Tapanuo
(Imperial Land)

Duchy of TapanuoEdit

The Duchy of Tapanuo is the noble holding of the territory of Tapanuo. Historically, the duchy belonged to House Guequierre and then to House Arrington. With the end of the Arrington dynasty, House Lecter inherited the duchy. The duke regnant was HRH Prince Alexander of Faraal, 5th Duke of Tapanuo, the former ruler of the cadet branch known as House Lecter of Tapanuo. Currently, the Emperor has control of the state.

Portrait Name
Honours & Titles
Reign Family House Monarch

His Grace
Archduke Eduard of Falleentium,
1st Duke of Tapanuo 

 475AER    500AER House Guequierre Vinther II
Andrew His Grace
Andrew I,
2nd Duke of Tapanuo 
 524AER      526AER House Arrington Frederick III
Alexander II of Russia by Monogrammist V.G. (1888, Hermitage) detail

His Grace
Jacob I,
3rd Duke of Tapanuo 

 526AER    542AER House Arrington Vinther III
Hmp rom 7 large

His Royal Highness
Prince Robert III of Faraal,
4th Duke of Tapanuo 

 542AER    543AER House Lecter
Alexander(konstantin konstantinovich)

His Royal Highness
Prince Alexander I of Faraal,
5th Duke of Tapanuo 

 543AER    571AER House Lecter

His Imperial Highness
Emperor Vinther III,
6th Duke of Tapanuo 

 571AER 571AER  House Darpar-Veld
His Highness
Prince Vinther IV,
7th Duke of Tapanuo 
571AER Incumbent House Darpar-Veld


Portrait Name Service Years District Position
Screenshot 111

Michael Phelps

 566AER    Incumbent 1st (Central) Lead Delegation Senator
Adam Peaty honorary degree 2 Adam Peaty  567AER      Incumbent 2nd (Northern) Senior Delegation Senator
000028adc-Tom Daley

Thomas Daley

 569AER    Incumbent 3rd (East & South East) Senator

Cody Miller

 571AER    Incumbent 4th (West & South West) Senator