Tarbanos is named after the Tarbar tribes, like Balbarno is named after the Balbar tribes. Tarbanos was the heartland of the Tarbar tribe, which later was almost wiped out by Falleentium during the war. After the defeat became the Tarbanos region a part of the Cartrian Confederation. Tarbanos became a state of Falleentium after the Balbar war, and after the Cartrian Confederation had lost a series of battles against the Kingdom of Delnour.

Tarbanos's landscape to the north is characterized by hills and forests, to the south face the state the Nilira ocean and along the entire eastern part of the state goes the Vlaraz mountains.

In the southwestern part of the state at the border with Melmorri, lies the Zakker mountains and the beginning of the Teras desert that stretches along the ocean all the way down to central Delnour.

Today Tarbanos is characterized by the interesting combo of lush forrests and big variety of flora and fauna, and the very modern and up to date cities of Tarbanos, like the Harbour city, and capital of Tarbanos, Rittnor, Which is one of the most technologically advanced cities in all of the empire, due to it being a central point in trade to both the south east and west in the world. That is also why tourism is the 3rd largest income in Tarbanos, only taken over by the precious metal refining and agriculture industries.

Historical Status
Uncertain 100B ER - 50 ER
Tarbar Tribal Confederation 50 ER - 210 AER
State of Falleentium 210 AER - Present
State of Tarbanos
Current Noble Family House Rye