Chapter 1Edit

I was born in 443AER in a small merchant family. Back then I was not a citizen of Falleentium but a citizen of the proud Kingdom of Delnour. I lived with my parents in Dellenport where we owned a small grocery store. I still remember the little old shop as if it were yesterday. My father was very well known in these parts of the city, and we had a lot of regular customers. I still remember when the Minister of Interior of Delnour came by our little local store. I was 15 years old, and not many customers had come by that day, so it was a boring day and I just sat over in the corner of the store. My friends did not have time to play and my father ordered me to be in the store the day, which was not something he used to say, but I think it was because he and mother had had an argument that day. I think the time was about 3 in the afternoon when a tall man wearing a large brown coat and hat, came into the store. To my great surprise, my father jumped up from the chair and bowed and bowed, and while he did that he waved to me to come over, and he almost forced me to bend as well. Yes, that was they day the minister come by our store and the minister wanted to buy a small gift to take home to his daughter. I do not remember what he bought, but it created good publicity for our store, that the interior minister had passed by.

In the year 463AER I was 20 years-old, and I was bored, I would like to see the world, get out and travel and meet new people and cultures. But in the spring the war unfortunately hit us all. Delnour had declared war on the Cartrian Confederation, and 4 months after was Dellenport under siege. It was a terrible day, and I'll never forget when I saw our shop burn to the ground, because it had been hit by gunfire from siege equipment. Unfortunately, it was also the day I lost my parents.

After the loss of my parents, I enrolled in the army, and for 5 years until 468AER where the Peace was made, I fought one battle after another in the southern part of Cartria. I still do not understand how I survived this bloody war, and I must honestly tell you that I do not remember much from that time. I was filled with anger and frustration. When the war ended in 468AER I was 25 years old and did not know what to do, but since I apparently had performed a series of "heroic" actions during the war, I, along with 7 other soldiers was giving the best medal of honor there was, and by the King himself. Of course I was happy for this great honor, but what I was most interested in was Victoria Felderburg who was at the same age as me, and well, the daughter of the Minister of the Interior. 

Chapter 2Edit

Victoria Felderburg, I have never ever seen such a beautiful girl before and I never thought that she would say yes to be my partner to the ball on Count Ballack's castle. Maybe it helped a little that I had been promoted to Lieutenant and awarded the best medal of honor there was. But nevertheless, I went to a ball with Victoria, however, after a long struggle to get her father's trust. I do not think he remembered me as a child when he came into our store, but I think it was just for the better. Victoria and I had a lot in common, we both liked nature, we would both like to travel and see new things, we both wanted to experience new things, get away from all the old and boring stuff. For my part, mostly because of the bad things that had happened in the capital city during the siege. But why Victoria wanted to get away I do not know, deep down, I just think she was bored. And so, after two years of struggle, we were engaged in 470AER. We were in love and very happy, and yes, the biggest virgins who were in this world. But that's a different story.

Delnour had expanded west and was now meeting Falleentium. I did not know much about this country which was located to the east, I had heard it was an old republic, which was over 400 years old. But news came to Delnour that Falleentium had defeated the Balbar tribes and had expanded west, and now our two nations met each other. I remember the day I heard that the Falleen Republic had fallen, and an Empire had been formed, and the Emperor, yes his name was Vinther II, and he was only 21 years old in 470AER. I did not see this young Emperor and this new empire of a threat at that time, but this I later changed my mind on. But as I said, it was of no major importance for me in 470AER, since Delnour decided to join the new Union, the United Realms. And unfortunately we ended up yet again in a war with an new enemy, namely Verzarent. I was 27 years old and lieutenant and former war hero, of course I signed up for service. It was a hard goodbye with Victoria, we wept in each other's arms when we said goodbye. The war against Verzarent, well, I clearly remember that war, which was later named the War for Supremacy on the Continent, and that war was a war I will never forget.

Chapter 3Edit

I remember I was sent into the Gorigium region where I was stationed during the whole war. I was very pleased with the unit I was sent to, because my good friend Henry also had been deployed to this unit. Henry and I met during the previous war, and he was also a lieutenant, we were good friends and had kept in touch ever since. Henry came from a wealthy merchant family, so we had of course a lot to talk about. Henry was 3 years older than me and married and had two kids. I remember how he gave me the biggest hug when we saw each other and congratulated me on my engagement to Victoria.

In Gorigium we fought back and forth against the Verzarian troops. I remember how we lost over 800 men in the first battle, I hate to lose, and the withdrawal from the battlefield was a hard blow. But we managed to keep the important positions in Gorigium. I also remember that I met Tim, who was from Entloland. Tim was a nice person, and 25 year old, before the war he went to university and studied mathematics. But when the war came, he joined. Tim, Henry and I formed a good team, and when we did not fought side by side with each other on the battlefields, we sat together in our tent or hole and talked about all kinds of things. Unfortunately in 471AER, our military unit was hit by heavy attacks, and Tim was hit right in the head, and Henry was hit in the leg and had to be carried away, I tried to find him after the war, but I found out that he died in the hospital.

UR was forced to retreat from Gorigium, and it was at that time that Falleentium entered the war, either on our or Verzarent's side, but on their own. I never fought against Falleen forces, but I once heard some soldiers talk about a battle against them. Let's just say the battle was quick over for UR. In 472AER fell UR, and the next final months of the war, fought Falleentium and Verzarent against each other at the expense of UR.

During the war I had written to Victoria several times a week, but when Falleentium entered the war, we lost contact. But when the war finally was finished, UR was divided between the two victorious and Delnour became a part of Falleentium. I hated Falleentium, and I was angry at myself that I did not think they were a threat, now had Falleentium conquered nearly half of the continent. I came back to Delnour where I finally became united with my fiance, but it was a sad day. Victoria's father was killed in a Falleen attack and Victoria and her family had to leave their homes due to the Falleen authorities should use it to headquarters of the new administration of Delnour. Moreover, our King was dead, and our crown Prince had fled to the Entloland-Kalmontum Union.

Both Victoria and I decided to get married and then leave Delnour, and travel and see the world which we both dreamed of. And with the approval of Victoria's mother and with a little money to the trip, we left Dellenport in 473AER, both 30 years old and newly married.

Chapter 4Edit

It was a tough time to travel in. Since everything from Delnour to the east had come under Falleen rule in a very short time, there was ahigh control over the entire the country, and every time we had to get enter a city or a border we was checked who we were, etc. After almost 3 months of travel, we arrived at Nettiely which was the capital of a new state called Melmorri. There we decided to settle down for a while. Victoria loved Nettiely and we spent many evenings walking around the narrow streets and looking at all sorts of things. Nettiely was located between the Zakker mountains, and one day we decided together with a small group to go up in the beautiful mountains. The time we spent in Nettiely was lovely, and everything we dreamed of. Victoria often wrote to his mother and siblings, and often sent gifts too. In return, we got the local news and a little extra money. It seemed that Delnour, although the hard start, benefited from the Falleen control, and this we could also see in Nettiely.

After the summer in 473AER, we decided to go to Yttinnis which was the capital of Tapanuo. At that time we did not know that Tapanuo was one of the core states of the Falleen Federation. And at the border to the state we were stopped and denied access. The Falleen authorities apparently did not yet relied on the new people they had conquered.

So when autumn began, we ended up in Rittnor. We decided to stay in city, where we had rented us into a small apartment. Rittnor indeed was a poor city, and in poor condition too. I remember I met a person from Entloland, which made me happy since it was not often you met people from the same area as yourself when you traveled eastward. I do not remember his name, but he told me that Falleentium did not like the Talbish people, due to an old war, and that the whole Tarbanos-region was in bad shape.

Victoria and I decided to stay in Rittnor a little longer. Partly because Victoria had received a request for a job as a private tutor for a group of 15 children, all children from wealthy Falleen families who lived in the city. I remember when Victoria told me it, I was completely surprised, and asked how it was happened. She said that she had met a woman in the same age as herself, and they got into a talk with each other, and for strange reasons this had led to a job offer. Even today I do not understand how it could happen, but that's probably just how women are?

But it ended up with a job for Victoria, and she did very well and she was very popular with the wealthy families. For my case I got a job at the Falleen police department, thanks to Victoria's nice words about me. And when the year 473AER was about to close, we both had started a new life in Rittnor. And yes, Victoria was pregnant.

Chapter 5Edit

At the end of the summer in 474AER, Victoria gave birth to our son who we named Charles. In the meantime, we moved into a larger house with two floors and we had become a relativ rich family, and our friends consisted mostly of families with Falleen background. Victoria was still teaching, and her class now had 25 children. I myself had been promoted to police officer, and was even the leader of my own police unit. Which was extremely rare at the time for people of a different ethnic background than Falleen. But our little family soon became recognized and we enjoyed our life in Rittnor.

Time passed, and we sent for Victoria's mother, who was now alone, because Victoria's little sister had married, with a Falleen count who lived in Delooiium. It was a joyful reunion with Victoria's mother, and she was extremely fond of her grandson, who were now 3 years old. She moved into a room in our house, and everything seemed to be good.

But in 477AER war came again. This time, a distant empire declared crusade against Falleentium and the continent. I was 34 years old when the war started, and Victoria knew what would happen now. I joined in the Falleen army, this time as a private! I was sent to the western Cartria, in an army of 50,000 men, which was not something I had tried before.

The Entloland-Kalmontum Union had fallen, and we quickly ended in the trenches. I remember the first night clearly. Countless of bombs were dropped down over our heads for hours, for days. And then came the main attack came. Thousands of enemy soldiers stormed towards our positions. There were soldiers everywhere, and we got stuck in the mud, and then there was all the blood. I still have nightmares from the war that was to last 4 years. I lost many good friends, killed countless of enemies. But for some reason, I did not get a scratch throughout the war, and when I at the end of 481AER came home to Rittnor and once again saw my beloved wife and son (now 7 years old), I was finished with war.

I was hailed once again as a hero in Rittnor, and at my resignation from the army and 38 year old, I was promoted to captain and awarded the Medal of Ignissar. After the war, I got my old job back in the the police, and was promoted to detective. In the middle of 482AER Victoria gave birth to our second child which was a girl, we named her Anette.

Chapter 6Edit

In 485AER I got an offer to become head of department at a police station in a suburb of Corrintrin. As a 42 year old mand and a veteran, this was a great honor to be awarded, and I was extremely pleased with the great opportunity I had received from my new overlords, the Falleens. It was a sad day when we left Rittnor where we had lived for so many years, and it was both a happy and a sad goodbye to our friends. But off we went. We arrived in the suburbs Karzarint, where we got a great and splendid official residence. Charles, who was now 11 years, got his oen room and so did Anette, now three years old. Victoria's mother also got her own room, and Victoria and I obviously took the biggest for ourselves. It was incredible that we now found ourselves in the empire's capital. We were speechless when we saw the city, the great high walls that protected this great city, and the great rivers that run through this city which had everything one could wish for. We went to the theater and we visited the temple, and it was on this day I saw for the first time in my life, the man who rules over this vast empire, Emperor Vinther II. Suddenly we were stopped by a large amount of people who all stood looking at the same thing. Which was the Emperor himself who drove past on his way to the royal palace, I got to see a glimpse of him, and was honored to see such a young person on the throne. Both Victoria and I felt both Falleens, or at least citizens of the Empire, we were, after all, still from Delnour. Victoria got a job as a teacher again, this time at a private school, where she taught in Entian-Cartish and Talbish (which she had learned in our time in Rittnor). Charles began in a local school, where he got some friends, and we were very happy since he, after all, did not look like the other children, but Charles had a good ability to create friendships. And so began our new life in the capital.

Chapter 7Edit

The year was 486AER and we had a great time in Karzarint. But in the spring Victoria's mother died, aged 72. It was of course a sad day, but also a joyful because we became reunited with Victoria's sister and her husband, Count Karlson.

After the funeral Victoria's sister Elisabeth told us that she and her husband would move to Corrintrin, because her husband had gotten a new job. What the job was about she could not say, since she did not even know it herself. But she could at least tell that it was something big. Elisabeth and the count stayed one day at us, and then they went on.

Towards the end of 486AER declared Falleentium suddenly war, I remember how the whole neighborhood went from peace to chaos. I obviously did not join the military, even though I was offered it, but I was now 43 years old and thought I could do better in the police. Falleentium had declared war on Verzarent and initiated a massive invasion of the cold north. The victory seemed to be near, but then the capital was attacked by large Verzarian air strikes. It brought back bad memories from the time I was young and I saw the siege of Dellenport. It was terrible, never have I seen such a large attack before, luckily Karzarint was not hit as hard as other parts, but a good friend of my was killed the first day.

The siege lasted for a long time, for several months, and repeatedly was Falleen forces forced to go on the defensive, but finally managed Falleentium in early 488AER to beat Verzarent back from the capital, and a few weeks later was there negotiated peace. I had lost four good friends, and 45 people had been killed in our neighborhood. It was a tough time as head of the local police department, but we survived, and I thank my colleagues for their good work.

I also remember the day the news came that Apari had won their freedom, however, still limited by the power of Corrintrin, but I remember how people were more angry at Apari than they were on Verzarent. Victoria and I did not have the greatest thoughts about it, but felt for our brothers, and well, eventually we ended up hating Apari too.

Chapter 8Edit

Times went by in the city of Karzarint where there was always something going on, my time in the police was extremely good, I experienced at times that people called me evil things and a few times I experienced that I was discriminated against. Happily, this was very rare. In 493AER held Victoria and I a special party since we both turned 50 and we had been married for 20 years. Charles who was 19 years old and in his second year in the army, came in his fine uniform, and we were so proud. I remember how Anette (11 years old) came running towards his brother in pure joy, and was about to run into one of the waiters, that he almost spilled all the wine out on one of the guests.

We were also pleased when Charles introduced us to his girlfriend Irene, who was the daughter of a Falleen merchant. We all thought this was very funny that his girlfriend also came from a merchant family.

The year went to 494AER and the war came. Charles was sent to war, I was proud of my son, and we gave each other a long hug. Victoria cried and cried, and eventually I had to take her away, so Charles and Irene could say goodbye. I heard that Charles promised that he would come back and then they should get married.

The war did not hit the mainland directly and most battles Falleentium fought took place in the southern colonies. I wrote as often as I could to Charles, but the letters we got from him were few. It did not sound like it was that bad, but I knew that he just tried to calm us, since this I did myself countless of times when I wrote to Victoria.

In 496AER came the sad message, it was a clear October morning, a little cold, but otherwise clear sky. Charles was killed in action in the battle of Jödingsburg, a few weeks later ended the war. That day I cried like never before. And at the funeral, when we finally got our son's broken body home, I cried even more. I cursed myself for allowing him to leave. The house was quiet for many days after.

Chapter 9Edit

After the war, the country experienced an increase in terrorism, and I and my colleagues became extremely busy, we also heard rumors of an ultra-nationalist group which had its headquarters here in Karzarint, we did however never find it. In 497AER arrested I and two colleagues three men who had been planning a bomb attack on an office building.

Ans in 498AER caught our department a number of suspects who gave us clues that helped the police and military against a coup that was beeing made in the north in Jalbetrer. I remember how I and our department was congratulated by the mayor of Corrintrin.

It seemed that our lives had begun to be good again. We all three missed of course Charles, but we were nevertheless happy that we were together. And then in November 498AER we all three took into the new theater where the at that time Crown Prince couple also was present.

We saw the crown prince open theater, and as we all were on our way into the theater , exploded a suicide bomb. There was chaos everywhere, death and destruction, just as if it were a battlefield. And there, my beloved wife and daughter, among the rubble, died and gone forever.

I was on sick leave for over a month, and although friends and colleagues, and Elisabeth came to help me, I was completely lost, and I remember how I thought of committing suicide.

At the beginning of 499AER, I was still lost, I had quit my job long ago and had moved into a smaller apartment because I could not bear to be the other place anymore, and I did not have much money left. Then came Count Karlson one day and knocked on the door. There he stood in the doorway in a black uniform, and asked if I wanted a job.

Chapter 10Edit

I remember it as a long ride, when I, along with the Count, drove in his fine black car into Corrintrin. I looked out the window during the whole trip, and there was no talking. Suddenly I became aware that we drove into the Royal Palace's grounds. I looked at the Count, and he looked at me and said, "Are you ready to meet the Emperor?"

I was speechless, I was about to meet the Emperor, whom ruled over this vast empire, which went from southern Delnour to northern Verzoonium. I do not remember the route inside the palace, but before I knew it I was standing face to face with Emperor Vinther. He walked over to me and looked at another person in black uniforms and said "should we really trust him, he does not look like anything special." I remember how I thought about how he could just talk as if I was not there. It made ​​me a little angry. But then he asked me, "What is your name?" And I replied, "My name is Simon O. Hansen, Your Majesty." "Simon, you are from Delnour?" he asked. "Yes, Your Majesty," I replied again.

He did not ask me for anymore, and looked Again at the man in the black uniform, and nodded, and then he walked out of the room. The man in the black uniform came up to me and said to the Count, "Victor, make him ready."

And then he left. Count Karlson came up to me and I asked who it was and he said that it was Norman K. Holst Director of HSO. And then he introduced himself as Captajn Victor, H. Karlson of HSO.

He told me to follow him and that everything would be explained. We came into a large room where there was, as far as I could see, a Colonel, a Lieutenant Colonel and a Major. We sat down, and everyone looked at me, then the Colonel said, "Simon Hansen, you have shown great ability in the police, and helped to catch many terrorists and rebels, and has shown great heroic actions in military service, we have a job for you"

And so began my life in the HSO.

Chapter 11 (End)Edit

Apparently HSO got hold of information about the Consul(Eduard), was planning an extreme act which would make him a dictator, there was also strong support for the Consul, and the colonel told me that the civil war was near, and that it could not be avoided. They explained to me that they had been prepared a mission that was called Bird War. This mission was to promote public anger, if the Consul managed to gain the upper hand. The mission also had as goal to support rebel groups.

Moreover, the mission should also make contact with the Verzarian forces, as well as promoting an invasion from UDE. All this if the Consul took over, and the Emperor was forced to flee.

My task was to take over the situation here in the capital, in the case of HSO's board, Emperor etc had to flee. I was told that I was assigned this task, because I was very popular with the local police, but still so unknown that I would not create distrust among, the Consul's supporters.

I remember that I asked them why they had chosen me and Victor, replied to me, "You have traveled through much of the country, you have participated in many wars, and you have lost your loved ones to war and terror, you love your new country, and will do anything for it, but deep down, you want revenge, and this we can use to defeat all the evil." It was quiet in the room after that, I remember, and then I said, "okay".

As HSO had foreseen the Civil War came to the country, Victor and the colonel and the two other officers went to Jalbetrer or Veldunium, I do not remember.

I myself was in the capital during the whole civil war, I remember how I was nearly killed in the former Crown Prince's siege and betrayal, and I remember how I shook hands with the Emperor when he fled from the city.

I was also the first who found the Consul, after he had committed suicide, and I was one of the first who greeted the Emperor when he returned to the country in the spring of 500AER. I was promoted to Director of Intelligence Service of the HSO.

I never saw the Count Victor H. Karlson again, in the end of 500AER and most of 501AER, news came up about mission Bird War and its cruelties, no one knew where Karlson was anymore, but deep down I knew that he had been killed by the HSO, to protect the participants of the mission, I never saw the Colonel or any of the other two officers again, which could also mean that they were dead.

Elisabeth visited me in Corrintrin, with her ​​two sons, on 21 and 18 years old, we celebrated her 50th birthday, myself had turned 58 years old. Elisabeth and her sons moved into my house, and in 502AER, we chose to get married. We both had lost so much through our lives, but now it seemed that we could get a little happiness.

I helped to remove former Consul Conlord Vestulte in 502AER, and helped arresting about 100 terrorists after the terrorist attacks in the Four's Festival, and much more.

In 508AER I was 65 years old, and sat absolute on the post of Director of Intelligence Service of the HSO.

The long journey from Delnour, ended with wealth and power in the greatest empire's capital.

My name is Simon O. Hansen.