Current Structure

25'000 men

  • -Royal Imperial Guard-1'000
  • -1st Royal Brigade-5'000
  • -2nd Royal Brigade-5'000
  • -3rd Royal Brigade-5'000
  • -4th Royal Brigade-5'000
  • -Royal Veld Guard-2'000
  • -Royal Jalbetrer Guard-1'000
  • -Royal Delnour Guard-1'000


Under Wilhelm Darpar's Civil War between 22-4BER against the colonial forces from Cantonos, united Wilhelm a lot of settlers into an army against the Cantonosian rule. During the eighteen years which the civil war lasted, this force became bigger and stronger and the army became more and more organized. When William and his forces won independence, it was decided that the military force should be dissolved.

But a few military leaders and veterans, among them also Wilhelm, began to create a security force for the defense of the new Principality of Darpartryo. This force became a regular army, on a relatively big strength. However, due to the Tarbar Wars between 1-121AER, the security force was reformed in 30AER into a larger organized military. However, remnants of this security force, evolved into what in 130AER became the HSO.

After the Tarbar Wars, was there established a royal security force to protect the royal family in Corrintrin, which had now become rulers of Falleentium. This force did not develop much throughout the republic's lifetime. But under Vinther the second, it was strongly reformed and modernized, and ended up several times on the battlefield.

The Royal Army is the finest unit in the whole military system, they are the elite of the elite.

- Count Rainer B. H. Sachs, General