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  • This page includes a list of some major events in the history of Falleentium.

The Great Revolt - 487AEREdit

The increasing tensions within the empire were shown in the drastic amount of activity by underground groups such as the Veldunium Republican Army (VRA). At the beginning of the year groups like this had already initiated many terror attacks throughout the empire, many targeting important public figures and government buildings. Several assassination attempts were conducted against military leaders and the consul.

With the tense atmosphere any spark would set of a chain reaction of events causing massive disruption throughout Falleentium- the VRA took this chance and assembled their forces in revolt against the Emperor. Though the empire had much military success, it could not hold the massive tide of revolutionaries and the capital fell to the rebels, the royal family evacuated to an unknown location.
Corrintrin during the Great Revolt

Corrintrin during the Great Revolt

The empire gave the final order he would give on to the empire before his departure- Order 99. This order stated that almost all land forces be directed to retaking the capital from the rebels who had already begun to dig in. The uproar between the command staff had many consequences, many were named traitors and many named heroes.

Those that supported the order now became known as men of the Royale Army, these men followed the Emperor's orders to the letter and pulled many of their men away from important conflict zones throughout the empire. Main supporters of this faction were the Emperor and the Duke of Veldunium Callum Mecoo IV. The other faction of loyalists was the Falleen Liberation Front, these opposed the order and said it drew valuable resources away from fronts. These men thought dealing witht he rebels in the states was more important, preventing the enemy getting new recruits and such. The Heads of this Faction were the Minister of Defence and the Air Marshal. Another faction formed in these fires was the Aparian Independence Front, later forming the Grand Duchy of Apari, this was headed by the former Minister of Defence and Head of the Army- Dane Marcellus

The Conflict raged for nearly a year, many of the men who were not loyal to the Emperor were branded traitors for refusal to follow the order, but they still fought on for Falleentium. Areas were cleared one at a time, this strained the rebel front and ultimately led to their collapse as a fighting force, many remaining cells focused on defending small areas of land that were bypassed by the Falleen Army.

In the dying periods of the revolt, the 2 loyalist factions united, after many skirmishes and other minor events, just after the retaking of the capital. The Falleen Emergency Council of the FLF and the old government of the Royale Army sat down and began resolving the mess that had emerged in the conflict. Though Battles were still fought against the Grand Duchy of Apari.

Numerous treaties were formed with Apari, itself now gaining independence in Dominion form, and thus bringing an end to the great revolt. Many supposed traitors were pardoned or recieved light punishment, the Vestulte and Mecoo Family's pledged money to support of the recovering economy and the country began to recover from yet another war that ravaged its lands.

The Great War 494-496AEREdit

A war that lasted two years and were fought primarily in Soueca and Genorcasia. The war was a war between UDE against the Golden Alliance in union with the Red Federation.

UDE Golden Alliance Red Federation

Entloland-Kalmontum Union
Geelakkar Island
Free United Cities

Golden Empire














The Cantonesian Peace Proposal: The Ending of the World War - 496AEREdit

Section I

1. The Socialistic Communist Federation will be dissolved.

2. The socialist member states will be independent.

3. The population of the new nations will vote in free elections about which nationality they belong to. Each nation will be divided into 3-4 zones.

4. The Red Federation's northern colony, will come under Cantonos's control.

Section II

1. The war between the Confederacy Cantonos and the Golden Empire will be declared status quo.

2. The war between the Falleentium and the Golden Empire will be declared status quo.

3. The war between the United Dominions and the Golden Empire will be declared status quo.

Section III

1. The clans Helkar, Sigior and Zallarkarla will be required to give war compensation to Falleentium and the Republic of Jallar.

2. The clans Helkar, Sigior and Zallarkarla will equally be required to hold free elections about nationality. There will be created 6 zones.

Section IV

1. The occupation of the Empire of Balchepra are required to be stopped.

2. There will be declared status quo in the West.

Section V

1. All prisoners of war must be handed over to their own country.

2. It is determined that no war must be declared for 4 years.

End of the Civil War - The Fake Peace - 500AEREdit

Peace in our land again!
Today the leaders of the opposing sides met in Balranico. General Welshy, Consul Eduard and Duke of Apari on one side, and Imperial Archduke Mecoo on the other. The Crown Prince represented his father.
The demands presented by the Consul were the following:

1.) The Grand Duchy of Apari will gain Tarpon and become independant from the Falleen Empire.
2.) Duchy of Jalbatrer will become a dominion of the Empire, an express statute will fix the details.
3.) The Enabling Act will be recognised by all States.
4.) The power of the Archdukes will be decreased and any decision they make can be overruled by the Consul.
5.) Falleentium will remain a monarchy, but as the Crown Prince and other relatives of the Emperor Vinther the second have refused to accept the throne, the Consul will act as Regent until a member of the dynasty of Vinther the second accepts the throne.
6.) The control over the army passes into the hands of the government.
7.) Lord Vestulte will be arrested for treason and put on trial.

These demands were all accepted by all parties. They are hereby put into effect immediately.
The new government will also open negotiations with the UDE to bring stability to all the lands.

Signed by, The Imperial Consul, Eduard Guequierre.

The Crown Prince, Frederick III.

Imperial Archduke, Callum Mecoo IV

Enabling ActEdit

As Falleentium sinks deeper into chaos, I, Edward Guequierre have decided to make radical reforms, with the support of the army:
From now on, all legislation will be handled by the administration who assumes the sole right to make constitutional changes.
Freedom's of speech, association and press are temporarily suspended.
Privacy rights in relation to telephone and postal communication are revoked.
The government assumes the right to intervene in any situation to restore order.
The right to draft laws passes from the politicians of the Empire, to Imperial Consul.

You must decide, will it be peace, or war?

State Sovereignty ActEdit

i. The duchies of the empire will henceforth be treated as Sovereign nations within a democratic union.
ii. If the imperial government continues to make laws without the consent of the people then a state of war will exist between the duchies and remaining imperial states.
iii. The duchy’s have the right to secede if they will that the imperial government is overly authoritarian and oppressive.
iv. The imperial government have no right to override ducal law.
v. The duchy’s may and will have a constitution.
vi. Should a duchy secede they must keep fallen royalty as the figurehead of state for 10 years after that time they are free to decide if they wish to make changes to royalty are become a republic.
vii. Any attempt to override this act will be seen as an act of aggression and will be dealt with in the appropriate manor.
viii. All men and woman are to be treated the same regardless of gender or race.

This is an ultimatum to the Consul. All Dukes sign below.

Conloradin Vestulte, 1st Viceroy of Vurndar, Crown Prince of Cyton, Seceratery of State for Home Affairs, Archduke of the Falleen Empire, THe Chronicler of the Empire, 1st Viscount of Anderson, 1st Duke of Catria, Lord Paramount of Cartria, Lord of Drosst, The Director of Military Research, Defender of Queen's Possession, Defender of the Free.

Callum Mecoo IV
Imperial Archduke, Forth to his name, Head of Falleentium navy, Duke of Veldunium, Protector of the Colonies, Governor of Port Mecoo, Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure, First Minister of Veldunium

Welshy II, Archduke of Fallentium, Duke of Jalberter, Head of the Fallentium Red Cross, Govenor of Port Collinger.

Malcolm Kaldwin, Duke of Entloland-Delnour, Supreme Commander of the Southern Militia Forces, Air Marshal of the Imperium, and Governer of Katharina

The United InvasionEdit

The Cantonosian command has been given the leadership of this invasion which has the following objectives:

A) Take down the Duchy of Jalbetrer and arrest the Duke, Welshy
B) Take down Veldunium and arrest the Duke, Mecoo.
C) Take control of all main cities, and build a headquarter in the Imperial Capital.
D) Insert Crown Prince Frederick III as Emperor of the new Empire, and ensure members of the House Darpar.
E) Make peace and order in all states.
F) Apari must be cut and blocked, but not invaded. The aim is to ensure Apari's movements.
G) Arrest military officers who have supported the Consul. (Hitshu, Norskamerikaner, Nilam and Erwin)

The Great Civil War 499-502AEREdit

The Great Civil War, is an internal war that occurred in Falleentium after a long time of popular unrest. The war became hot after the former Consul Eduard, chose that all legislations should be handled by the administration who would assumed the sole right to make constitutional changes. Freedom's of speech, association and press became temporarily suspended. Privacy rights in relation to telephone and postal communication was revoked. The government assumed the right to intervene in any situation to restore order. The right to draft laws went from the politicians of the Empire, to the Imperial Consul.

This led to protests and attacks from the nobles, and the Civil War became basically a war between the Imperial Forces and the Loyal Forces of the Consul. In addition, it also led to other formations, including the former Crown Prince Wilhelm the Third and the Grand Duke of Apari. Throughout the Civil War, there was, therefore, chaos, and no one was sure to keep the power they had fought themselves to. It ended with the Consul got order on the war, but committed suicide shortly after, due to UDE's invasion and popular unrest. More about the war through this link.

 The Assassination of Empress Katharina the FirstEdit

In 508AER was Empress Katharina I tried assassinated in a suicide action committed by four members of the Freedom Council. After 8 hours in the hospital in Poliqen, was empress announced dead. She was 59 years old, and was the last member of the House of Veld. This is the report:

Her Imperial Majesty Katharina I, has been attempted assassinated! The Empress was visiting the Winter Palace in Poliqen, and after visiting her daughter princess Katharina II and her three children, Princess Isabella and Hannah, as well as Prince Callum, the Empress was leaving for Corrintrin.
In the company of Imperial Director of HSO Cenhelm Rameriz and great security from police and royal guards, she was driven to the airport in Poliqen.
It succeeded for 4 persons to enter the area, 3 of them were shot before they arrived, but they were just thought of as a diversion, when the fourth managed to reach close enough that he blew himself up in a suicide action.
The Empress and her escort were hit by the explosion.

Royal Family 508AER

The Empress was quickly taken to hospital where her condition is very critical. Cenhelm Rameriz is also badly injured but out of danger. 23 people died and more than a hundred people are injured.
The police believe the four attackers were members of the Freedom Council.
14 people have been arrested here two hours after the attack.
And Hierarch Dunleigh D. V. Clark has been assigned to solve this attack. Information indicate that HSO has already been mobilized.

Later the same day Hierarch Dunleigh D. V. Clark and HSO could announce that HSO had arrested 78 suspects, 56 of them had relationships with the Freedom Council. The Funeral was held short after.

The Great Souecan Rebellion which begin in 510AEREdit

In the summer of 510AER saw Falleentium and especially the South, a new terrorist organization called Vazii Friicna. Which had a clear goal of removing Falleen control of foreign soil. Vazii Friicna was considered to be an anarchist terrorist group, while by others a freedom group.
The Protectors of Vazii Friicna - flag

The Flag of Vazii Friicna

In the summer 510AER there were mass riots in the South, especially in the Clan Confederacy. And they Falleen colonies and coalition forces were attacked by rebels across the whole South. The Nilira Alliance was in great danger of being kicked out of the country, but managed to hold out for the entire summer.

An Era Is Over - The Death of Vinther the SecondEdit

511AER. The Imperial Office can sadly inform that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vinther the Second has passed away this evening. His Imperial Majesty died in his sleep a few hours after the Crown Princess with Prince Vinther and the three Princesses had visited His Imperial Majesty. It has been declared that His Imperial Majesty died of a natural cause, but that his wounds from the Civil War may have something to do with His Imperial Majesty's early death. The Emperor was 62 years old. His Imperial Majesty became Emperor when he was only 18 years old. The Emperor is known for his early expansion of the nation, and is the founder of the Falleen Empire. He was loved and hated by many.

Crown Prince Frederick and the grandson of the late Emperor, will be crowned Emperor in a few days. But not until the late Emperor's funeral, which will be held in the High Temple in Corrintrin in two days. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince will act as regent. The Crown Prince is known for his support of the military, especially the army. And the Crown Prince has not hidden his condemnations of the Golden Empire. The Crown Prince is also an active supporter of centralization of power.

And so.. the Day come when the Second Emperor was CrownedEdit

A day has passed after the First Emperor was buried. Now it is the time for the Second to be crowned. Hundreds of people stood in the great hall of the temple, and in came the prince and you could clearly see that the prince was the next ruler.

With lots of confidence and respect from the people around him, he went toward the high priest. A remarkable thing was when the prince in the opening of the hall shook hands with the general of the royal army.

The prince now stood in front of the high priest, and behind the priest stood the other religious leaders of Neurope (Faith of the Four).

The ceremony started, and after a long speech the high priest finally said:

The Faith of the Four now crowns you, Frederick Darpar the Third of his Name, Ninth Crown Prince of the Principality of Darpartryo, Lord Paramount of Darpartryo, Lord of Corrintrin, Lord Paramount of Hastiga, Lord of Nonambar to be the Second Emperor of Falleentium and the Thirty-Three King of Veldunium as well as the Lord Protector of the Seventeen Falleen States & the Overseas Colonial Possessions and to be the new Defender of the Faith of the Four

Afterwards, his wife Crown Princess Alexandra, was crowned Empress of Falleentium. Remarkable by the new Emperor's own hands.

IFS Vinther II DestroyedEdit

(from announcements) Today, as His Imperial Majesty the Emperor visited the aircraft carrier IFS Vinther II, it was, however, a short visit. After just 20 minutes on the large ship, which is seen as being the fleet's pride, exploded there a bomb on the ship's left side. The explosion was so big and powerful that the ship was split in half, and began to sink fast. The Emperor was immediately taken away from the sinking ship by helicopter with minor injuries. Meanwhile, the crew on the ship fought a fierce battle to save their lives. Fortunately, there were several ships near the carrier, which could save many of the crew, and perform medical attention. However the death toll is now at 519 people, and about 800 wounded, several are still in danger, and about 56 are missing. No one knows how the bomb got on board, or whether it was a suicide or not. The fact is that this attack has caused panic among many and great fear. The military intelligence and federal police are already busy with the investigation.

His Imperial Majesty is UnharmedEdit

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Frederick III announced today, which were a relief for many, that he is unharmed, and has only gor minor wounds, and as he himself said in the press release: "I am after all a soldier". The Emperor has announced that he intends, with the government and the military, to find the culprits who were responsible for this attack, which the Emperor himself is convinced was a terrorist attack, or even an attempted assassination on him. The final death toll has now been determined to be 542.

New Evidence in the InvestigationEdit

The Federal Police along with the intelligence service has a few hours shot three suspects and arrested one in a police operation in Rittnor. The property which was attacked by the police, had come under suspicion after the attack on IFS Vinther II, and the police with a strength of 34 men stormed the building where it all ended up in a shutout, no police were killed in the action. In the building there was found several explosives and weapons, as well as plans for what police believe are plans for terrorist acts. The arrested are of golden nationality, and many now believe that the Golden Empire is responsible for the attack. In the capital Corrintrin, a small group of protesters have gathered in front of the parliament to demand action from the government. Rumors says that this group of protesters will increase in numbers later this day or tomorrow.

IFS Vinther II Command Crew QuestionedEdit

Today the naval branch of the Millitary Police questioned the command crew of the IFS Vinther II. During the interveiw of the Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander David Newman confessed to bringing a small timed explosive on to the ship and placing it near one of the ships main fuel lines to try and kill the emperor on his visit, he also claims to be working for a group of GE supporters in the empire, however this has not been confirmed. The commander was arrested for murder, destruction of a ship, assult and high treason. The Capatin was questioned and let go, following a millitary Inquiry on how a leading officer on the ship was able to get a bomb on the ship. First officer, Commander William Davidson was unable to be questioned and is thought to be amoung the ships dead. Lieutenant Commander Newman is awaiting to be sent to the high court of the empire for sentencing. A memorial is to be built in the grounds of Admiralty HQ to honour the men and woman killed. The Naval command hereby considers this case closed and is awaiting the emperors aproval to end this case.

The Attack on Emperor Frederick IIIEdit

In 515AER, on His Imperial Majesty's ride to the Consul Office to announce the decision about not joining the war in Kaarnor, it ended in the worse kind of scenario. His Imperial Majesty's convoy was attacked by several car bombs and suicide bombs. The attack took place in the middle of Main Street, where several cars managed to get past the roadblocks, including using a personnel carrier. 

His Imperial Majesty's armored car was badly damaged. But the Emperor was quickly rescued out of the car by his guards, but was afterwards attacked by four armed persons who had been hiding in the personnel carrier. After few shots exchanges, the four were shot down, and the Emperor was immediately sent to the hospital. Several witnesses said that they heard "Vazii Friicna" being shouted. 21 guards and 67 civilians were killed and over a hundred people was injured. 

A week later the Imperial Director Cenhelm Rameriz held a press conference where the director announced that His Imperial Majesty Frederick III has come to consciousness and was now out of danger. His Imperial Majesty had unfortunately gotten enormous damage on his body. His Imperial Majesty had due to the car bomb destroyed his spine, and had lost all feeling in his legs. His Imperial Majesty had lost most of his hearing in the left ear, and received a number of wounds along his left side. But doctors said that he was now out of danger. However, His Imperial Majesty had also received minor brain damage, and it was been decided with the full support of His Imperial Majesty to let the Empress be the regent until the Imperial Office decided otherwise.

The Peace Treaty Proposal to HaalsEdit


The Falleen Empire and the now defunct Antarian Dominion, these powers being described as the Principal Allied Powers, 

And the Kingdom of Haals on the other part; 

The High Contracting Parties desirious to end the conflict which has been raging on the Haa Island for a few months, and has come to an abrupt end with a tragic even that took place in the capital of Haals have therefore began diplomatic negotiations. 

I. The Kingdom of Haals

1. The Kingdom of Haals will denounce Haals Nationalist groups in Port Mecoo as terrorists and should the need arise, participate in active supression of these terrorist groups. 

2. The Kingdom of Haals will retain it's former boundaries(that is before the conflict). 

3. The Kingdom of Haals will co-operate in the drawing up of a new constitution which shall make the aforementioned political entity a modern democratic state. 

4. The Kingdom of Haals will co-ordinate ALL it's diplomatic activity with the Falleen Empire. 

II. On War Damage

1. The Falleen Empire, regretting the ilegal and ilegitimate actions taken by the certain individuals in the Intervention Force, offers the people of Haals a loan, the sum of which shall be discussed. 

2. The Falleen Empire promises to reprimand those responsible for the terrible violence to which the people of Haals were subjected during the siege of the capital. 

3. Should any article in section one of this treaty be broken by the Kingdom of Haals, the Falleen Empire will proceed to enter territory of Haals and occupy certain areas which shall be defined in a later statute until Haals returns to following this treaty. 

The High Contracting Parties are thus no longer in an official state of war. The Falleen Intervention Force is to withdraw to previous stations and the Kingdom of Haals will demobilise all it's armed forces.

When the Second Emperor Died - 525AEREdit

(from the announcement)

His Imperial Majesty Frederick the Third has a few hours ago died in His bed. Our beloved Emperor was only 43 years old. But he will be remembered in our hearts and forever!

The Imperial Office could tell that the Emperor's personal doctors declared that the Emperor's heart could not cope with the wounds which His Imperial Majesty got during the attack on Him 10 years ago.

Empress Alexandra and Princess Freya were present when the Emperor died. According to the Imperial Office, the Emperor had no pain when He died.

Crown Prince Vinther were not present, since the Crown Prince was in Pealli, according to the Imperial Office, the Crown Prince is already on his way home to Corrintrin.

Emperor Frederick III will be remembered as the people's Emperor.

Chancellor Kerensky Dead, Attempt Made on Minister Kerensky's Life - 526AEREdit

(from the announcement)

Shock Assassination of Chancellor S. Kerensky!Edit

At precisely 12:31pm in the City of San Padua Chancellor Sarah Kerensky was shot twice from a long range and later died of her injuries. The Chancellor had arrived in San Padua via private plane less than an hour earlier and was travelling via motorcade to witness the City Council during its first new session and to meet with the Mayor of San Padua, Mr Berlusconi. The Chancellor was travelling in her personal open-topped Macedes Denz State Car[] and was busy waving to the energetic crowds that had flocked out to witness her arrival back in the Colony. She was accompanied by the head of the San Paduan Police Force, Pietro Badoglio, and a member of her personal staff. 

The initial report released by the SPPF has stated that a 37 year old man has been detained on the scene after being found perched on the roof of a nearby library with a Bolt Action Rifle of Tarbanosi design and a collection of ammunition. It has been confirmed that Mrs Kerensky was the only casualty and is presumed to have been the target of this attack. No group has came forward to claim responsibility but many rumours have circulated blaming everyone from the Emperor, to her Political Opponents that she had recently clashed with while others even dare to whisper it could have been a foreign backed motive to destabilise the Empire. Whatever the cause the Empire has lost a prominent stateswoman and the first female Chancellor in Falleentium's long history. 

Minister A. Kerensky Seriously WoundedEdit

Today while taking a short stroll around the city to oversee the rebuilding process and to review strategic checkpoints in the Haalsian capital of Örebro Minister Kerensky was attacked and seriously wounded by a lone gunman. The man called out to the Governor-General and when he turned to address the man he stepped forward brandishing an old looking revolver and fired 4 shots into the Governor-General's chest at close range. The Governor-General stumbled back and collapsed while the man was tackled to the floor by the G.G.'s guards. Mr Kerensky was rushed to a local hospital where he has been declared to be in a critical condition with his life still in danger. More information shall be released as and when it is made available by Haalsian Media.

The Assassination of Crown Prince Frederick - 537AEREdit

(from the announcement)

Crown Prince Frederick was a few hours ago victim of a assassination attempt when a man came close to the Crown Prince and opened fire while the shouting "Freedom!". According to the Imperial Police the Crown Prince were hit three times, it is not yet known how the Crown Prince's condition is, but the Crown Prince was immediately rushed to the hospital. The assassin was immediately shot and killed on the spot, and everything indicates that the assassin was member of the terrorist group, Freedom Council, which has been behind several serious terrorist attacks. The latest attack on a member of the Imperial Family was in 508AER on Empress Katharina. The assassin dressed as Imperial Police Officer, and it is said that the police found a dead officer in a house near the crime scene. The Imperial News will try to get more information, but the police and the Imperial Guard has not commented further on the case. In addition, it is reported that the Karzarint Faction has already made several retaliatory actions on primarily "known" communists and republicans.

Crown Prince Frederick is dead! Edit

The Imperial Office has announced that His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Frederick has died from his injuries and wounds from the assassination attempt made on him a few days ago. The Crown Prince was 17 years old and will be buried in the High Temple. His Imperial Majesty has not comment on the case. And the press has been ordered away from the Palace. The twin brother, Prince Charles, now Crown Prince of the Falleen Empire, has been immediately brought to a safe place away from the public. In addition, it is reported that the Imperial Director Markus Ehrenbaum has handed a note to the Chancellor about His Imperial Majesty requires an full out investigation to be started and that more resources are put into play. Some see this as an Imperial Ultimatum. 


The killer who shot and killed our Crown Prince has been identified as Joseph Bamina, who lived in Balbarno, and was a member of the Freedom Council. After news of the Crown Prince's death, the police has launched a large and comprehensive investigation, and the hunt is now on to find and catch Leo Ryan, who is believed to be Joseph Bamina's accomplice. Leo Ryan fled from the police in a suburb of Balranico, and is now wanted in the entire Empire, and even in all members of the Alliance. The Government has not commented on the developments in the investigation. But sources from the police say that Leo Ryan is a senior member of the Freedom Council, and was even active during the Great Revolt in the South. Many wonder whether Leo Ryan and the Freedom Council are in contact with the new terrorist group called The Three Clans, and whether the growing unrest in the South have been the reason for the assassination of the Crown Prince.

Leo Ryan hit by 37 gunshots, the killer is dead!Edit

The Federal Police in Rittnor surrounded a few hours ago a warehouse after the intelligence service had sent a number of sources, about that the assassin Leo Ryan with a group of accomplices would be in the warehouse. After nearly an hour-long gunfight between 14 terrorists including Leo Ryan, and a police force of nearly 100 men, all 14 terrorists were mercilessly shot and killed on the spot. Two policemen were killed and five has been wounded. Leo Ryan was found dead, killed from what is said to be 37 gunshots. Documents found on the site, has given the police many and new evidence and information about the assassination and other terrorist plans. The Police has announced that the investigation will continue and that about 20 people are wanted at the moment, believed to be accomplices with Leo Ryan. A police spokesman has expressed that the Federal Police need more money and resources, and this claim is supported by many citizens. However, others expressed concern over what appears to be an increasing police and military state. Around 120 people has been arrested in this investigation so far. The Imperial Office has sent its greetings and thanks to the Federal and Imperial Police and everyone else involved.

The Assassination of Duke Callum Mecoo V - 542AEREdit

(from the announcement)

Drosst is filled with a mix of shock and fear following a violent assassination attempt on Duke Callum Mecoo V. The Duke was visiting the State on behalf of the Imperial Navy to discuss ways to improve ship production and naval base efficiency with the State Government. The Duke has just exited the Royal Parliament building following a brief meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau and was being escorted to his car by a security detail from the Cartrian National Guard. 

A large and enthusiastic crowd had turned out to welcome the Duke and to hear his views on the war. This hope was shattered however when a woman held out a bouquet of roses to the Duke, against the advice of his security detail he paused and took the roses from the lady. However as he did so the woman pulled a short barrelled revolver from her pocket and shot the Duke 3 times in the chest. The assailant then cried out "Down with the Velds, Falleentium forever", she then fled in the mass panic which followed the shooting. 

The eyewitness reports from the scene say that the Duke was last seen as semi-conscious and lying on the floor in a pool of blood before security forces flooded the area and the Duke was rushed to hospital in a staff car. He is being treated at the Royal Vintherian Hospital in the centre of Drosst and is under heavy guard. Due to the nature of the attack no visitors are allowed and no statement on his condition has been made. The RCC has said they are investigating the matter and have placed out a warrant for the arrest of a woman rumors to be the assailant. 

Prime Minister Trudeau telephone called the Imperial Office and House Mecoo following the attack to inform them of the situation and the plan of action. Comments from them are expected to follow shortly. Cartria is angry at the attack and the National Guard, who provided the security detail, are under intense scrutiny following the attack and have launched their own investigation into the matter. Details are to come when they are made available to the press.

At 3 AM this morning a flash news report went out across the CBC, Duke Callum Mecoo V has tragically passed away following a cardiac arrest related to the wounds inflicted by his attacker. Prime Minister Trudeau had ordered for the best surgeons and doctors in Cartria to treat the wounded Duke however he passed following hours to tense surgery. A telegram was sent to both the Imperial Palace and to Princess Isabella Mecoo to inform them of the Duke's death. 

All flags across Cartria are being flown at half mast and a candle lit vigil has taken place outside the Hospital where the Duke passed away. The Duke's body is to be flown home by the Imperial Airforce for his burial and Cartria is outraged at this atrocity. The hunt for the Duke's killer continues but the Royal Cartrian Constabulary has said it is following up on many leads however it cannot release more details at this time. The investigation continues with Prime Minister Trudeau stressing that the hunt shant stop till the killer is aprehended.

Despite initial reports suggesting the assassin that shot the late Duke Callum Mecoo V was female, this has proven to be wrong. The assailant was a "Jonathan Dulmage" from Reellam who disguised himself as a woman to hide his identity. This suspicion by police was confirmed when bloodstained clothes identicle to those worn by the assailant were found hidden inside Mr Dulmage's address. 

Mr Dulmage was a radical segregationist and racist who was a fervant supporter of the FNP. Many of his neighbours describe him as both a "loner and an oddball" and he upheld a strong racial supremacy view that caused him to have an irrational hatred of Velds and Verz. He is also rumoured to have fought within the Reellam Revolt for the Rebels, but due to the undocumented nature of the rebellion this cannot be proven. 

Upon searching his residence Police found both the murder weapon used in the shooting, along with a collection of other firearms and weapons ranging from Hunting Rifles, to Side Arms and even some Falleen Army Issue Grenades. These have all been siezed and his house has been placed under 24 hour surveillance following further investigation. 

He is under arrest by the Royal Cartrian Constabulary and is awaiting transfer to the custody of the Imperial Police for prosecution for Murder and Treason.

End of an Era: Arringtons Killed in Assassination Plot - 542AEREdit

(from the announcement)

Yttinnis Herald, YTTINNIS — It is with great sorrow that this paper reports that today, November 3rd, 542 AER, a plot was successfully executed to assassinate the ruling house of Tapanuo, House Arrington. His Grace Duke Jacob, his father Ross, his son Rory, and his wife were all killed. 

Reports are still developing, but it appears that the ducal motorcade was trapped and ambushed inside a tunnel on the outskirts of Yttinnis. During the ensuing firefight, the ducal family and several bodyguards were killed. The Tapanuo State Police have indicated that it is speculated that communists were behind the assassination. 

Nathan Lane, the State Chancellor of Tapanuo, has announced that the State Parliament supports the premise that the Duchy of Tapanuo rightfully belongs now in title to HRH Prince Robert III of House Lecter, the closest living heir through His Grace Duke Andrew of House Arrington, formerly of House Lecter. It is rumored, though unconfirmed, that Prince Robert will abdicate in favor of another member of his house.

World War II - 543-548AEREdit

The Second World War was fought between the members of the Nilira Alliance as well as Jaharnum, Ouruland, Cantonos and Bolnominum against the Imperial Alliance and Suttacasia Union, consisting of the Golden Empire, Balchepra, Kaarnor and Shiha as well as several other Golden puppet states.

The war was a direct result of two other wars that were already ongoing before the world war began, namely the War for Supremacy of the Ancient Sea between the Nilira Alliance, Jaharnum, Ouruland against the Suttacasia Union. And the second was the War for Supremacy of the Far East, between primarily Cantonos and the Golden Empire.

The war ended with a Falleen and Allied victory.

The 562AER Corrintrin BombingsEdit

(From announcements)

DBC: Chaos in CorrintrinEdit

"We take you now, to Corrintrin. The details are not available, they will be in a few minutes -- the State Chancellor is now giving out a statement. The attack was made apparently on various sites throughout the capital. Loud explosions have been reported around 0900 hours at several locations throughout the city. While members of the Darparian Constabulary attempt to maintain order throughout the ravaged sections of the city, the brave Darparian Emergency servicemen and women work tirelessly to put out spreading fires and to rescue survivors from the attrocious attacks. The death-toll is unsure, but there are those who claim that as many as five-thousand people have died from the explosions, buildings collapsing and the widespread (seemingly) untameable fires. 

A total of six explosions took place within Imperial palace grounds alone -- taking the lives of 134 workers of the Imperial household as of now. The Imperial family is believed to have been safely led out of the Palace and any casualties to the imperial dynasty have yet to be reported. Guards and constables have shut off the perimeter around the palace and scour the grounds to evacuate anyone who may still remain inside. 

Aside from the six bombs detonated around various locations of the Imperial palace, two bombs were also detonated within the Darparian State Parliament and three bombs in the vicinity of the Imperial parliament and one within the Senate. Nine bombs were detonated within the headquarters and operational offices of various state- and national-parties such as the Imperial Party, the Darparian Conservative Party, the Darparian National Democrats, UKIP, NFPWP, NF and the FMD. A pre-emptive bomb warning at the Darparian Stock Exchange office allowed for the staff to be evacuated before bombs were detonated. 

Two men have been reported to have detonated body-strapped bombs in the outer courtyard of the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, the notorious Pentagon, after being detected by Government operatives. Three security guards died from the explosions and four are critically wounded from the attack at the Pentagon. 

Most casualties however came from the bombings at the Royal Bank of Darpartryo and the Falleen Central Bank. The gargantuan buildings of 45 and 89 floors respectively were subject to as many as twenty-four simultaneous bombs detonating across it's floors. People are reported to have jumped out of windows and into their deaths in order to escape a torturous fiery fate within the death chambers that the offices had become. The RBD fully collapsed, it's foundation being heavily damaged by the bombs, a total of 210 survivors of the RBD's normal population of fifteen-hundred people have been reported so far -- the number is not expected to rise as the day progresses. 

State Chancellor Nick Carraway has called for a state of emergency across the city and has mobilised the Darparian National Guard to aid the Emergency services and the Constabulary -- and to maintain order amidst mayhem. He has pledged extensive investigations across the state as soon as order is restored into what has been coined as the 562AER Corrintrin Bombings. He has described them as "meticulously planned deliberate attacks on Falleen people and institutions which shall leave a scar in the hearts of Corrintrians and Falleens that will never fully heal". 

We shall keep you updated as we receive more information."

Operation Orpheus, Phase IIEdit

After a series of seemingly inclonclusive lines of investigation, the National and Imperial Police detectives managed to, in a major breakthrough, unveil a major lead which pointed towards the existence of undisclosed weapons, ammunition and explosives deposits scattered throughout the Empire. As of now, only one of such locations has been uncovered and sucessfully stormed, therefore confirming the consistency of the evidences. Thus commenced Phase II of Operation Orpheus, codename "Aurora". 

Having transpired a year since the bombings, motivational levels among the agents employed in operation Orpheus were at an all time low. The sucessful end, however, of Operation Ozymandias and the long-due allocation of resources and manpower into Operation Orpheus managed to boost the confidence of the men and exert a most positive effect on their productivity. Furthermore, the experience accumulated in Operation Ozymandias, aswell as the employment of cold case tactics (such as the review of often discarted and old evidence), were also successfully put to use in Operation Orpheus, rendering significant results. 

Firm in the belief that the perpetrators of the attack most definitely belonged to a large, disciplined and organized group (due to the scale of the attacks and the fashion in which they were executed), the Home Office directed the investigations towards the discovery of leads capable of leading it to the sites used by the terrorists to stockpile their weaponry. The uncovery of these strategic and logistical sites were believed to be of paramount importance, since they could contain sensitive information leading further into the organization. 

As such, agents on the field were given instructions to gather any clues regarding the unusual usage of large-scale deposits within the capital or in its immediacies. After the careful analysis and revision of several testimonies and leads given by a wide sort of sources, ranging from parole officers to informants, alongside the very leads collected by the agents, a major hint arised. It pointed towards the existence of an abandoned deposit located in the outskirts of Corrintrin that, despite its decayed and precarious infrastructure, was rented by an oddly generous sum a whole year before the attacks. 

After further investigation, it was discovered that the lessee signed the contract under an alias. The clear existence of a case of idendity fraud lead Home Office to find it fit to launch an investigation into the place. A special taskforce of Imperial Police agents, heavily armed with semi-automatic rifles and carrying a search warrant, was then dispatched to storm the building and seize any potential evidence. 

Upon arrival, however, the agents discovered what seemed to be an unattained deposit. The agents then proceeded to force their entrance into it (given the lack of any inside response to the many calls of the officers), and were immediately received with gunfire. After an intense gunfight between the agents and the defenders of the site (which, according to one of the officers, lasted for about half an hour), two of the assailants were taken into custody. All other elements were successfully neutralized. One officer sustained minor injuries. 

The agents then progressed further into the site, and were baffled by the discovery of an enormous stockpile of explosives (albeit there were clear signs of it being considerably reduced, given the many empty shelves and crates). A significant amount of weaponry and ammunition was also seized. It contained mostly semi-automatic rifles, and a smaller number of a variety of different side arms. All of them, however, appeared to have never been used. Moreover, a small number of paperwork was also apprehended, even though most of it fell victim to attempts of cover up. 

The Home Office is now overseeing the analysis of the evidence found in the site, as well as the questioning of both suspects, who are now under police custody at an undisclosed location. It is the belief of the Home Office as a whole that more of these sites may exist scattered throughout the Empire. It is also expected that strategic information giving further knowledge on the nature of the organization behind the attacks will also be extracted from the suspects. Further input regarding the investigations shall be promptly delivered once new advances are made.

Treason in Faraal! - 564AER Edit

(From announcement)

The Faraalian 2nd Army which had the task of defending the south-western suburbs and the protection of the Royal Palace and government buildings against New Dawn's attack - decided this morning under the direct leadership of the commanding general and by far most of the 2nd Army's staff to point their guns against the royalists and thereby join the communist rebellion. 

In a fast act the traitors turned their weapons against the remaining forces of the royalists and attacked the city's center in a violent surprise attack that almost wiped out half the Faraalian 1st Army. 

What followed was even more disgusting. The 2nd Army along with the western New Dawn-forces stormed the Royal Palace and Parliament Building, and slaughtered on their way all government forces, officials and civilians who did not support the Communist cause. Prime Minister Felipe González and most government were executed on the spot and then came the Royal Family. 

It has been confirmed that King Carlos and Queen Aurelia (sister of His Imperial Majesty), and their son and crown prince Victor has been murdered in cold blood. 

Also His Imperial Majesty's brother Prince Wilhelm and his wife, the Faraalian Prinsse Alicia and their two adult children Prince Alberto and Prince Ferdinand have been murdered as they tried to flee the burning capital. 

The remaining royal members of the Faraalian Royal Family are therefore Princess Gabriela, eldest child of the King, who is married with Prince Maximilian Kaldwin-Lecter II - both lives in Falleentium. 

The descendants of the Faraalian Princess Sandra and Falleen Baron Rudolf Lecter are also now the last members of the royal family. All survived because they live in Falleentium. (A possible heir to the Faraalian Throne must therefore be found among the Falleen families of Lecter and/or Kaldwin). 

Soon one could observe the communist flag over the parliament building, which gave new strength to New Dawn, and at the same time weakened the royalists's morale. Soon the 1st and 4th Army surrendered to the Communists, and those who chose to fight to the last man, died as such. 

General Juan Godínez of the 3rd Army, however, chose differently. An experience and future-oriented person, the general quickly saw that the battle for the capital was lost. Quickly he gathered the forces and resources which he could get in such a short time, and with an elite army of about 10,000 men he fought his way through the communist forces. With the loss of only 1,000 men the general managed to flee to the northwest towards the Arumian controlled port city of Nacalona. Arumian air force help the fleeing army from attacks from New Dawn by dropping countless of bombs over the Communists's positions. 

The royalist cause was so far secured. But the Arumian Command in Nacalona had long planned a massive evacuation, and has therefore decided to evacuate the entire Arumian Forces and the remaining royalists forces and civil service to the Kingdom of Kaller - where His Imperial Majesty's sister Freya is queen - one could wonder if the emperor had a hand in this? 

This huge evacuation is planned to be carried out over the next week, if not more, with the help from the Arumian Navy, as well as remnants from the royalist fleet and other civilian volunteers who want to help these many people (both military, officials and civilians) who are fleeing the communism's terror and death. Meanwhile the Arumian Force continues to defend Nacalona and the surrounding area from communist attack which are only increased in strength every day. 

The rebel leader of New Dawn, Roberto Rodriguez (whose whereabouts are unknown), has in a local radio broadcast, announced the founding of the People's Republic of Faraal and a great desire to join their comrades in the Red Federation. 

Countless of volunteers from the Democratic People's Republic of Jeet, probably also including regular Bolnomian soldiers disguised as Jeetian volunteers, has entered Faraal in the fight against the evil capitalism. 

In very few years, three countries has been overthrown and made into socialist states - first Geelakkar Island then Jeet Island and now Faraal. 

Intelligence reports that Bolnomian submarines has been observed in the waters between Jeet and Faraal.

~VelBC: BREAKING NEWS- Crown Princess Isabella Killed! - 571AEREdit

(From announcement)

Crown Princess Isabella killed, Princess Anoushka in critical condition

Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Isabella has been killed in a bomb attack whilst visiting the city of Vriezenveen. The Crown Princess and Princess were visiting eastern regions of Veldunium to ease growing tensions with the areas majority Jalb population, it has been reported that whilst the Crown Princess was stepping out of her car to attend a meeting with the city Mayor an explosion destroyed the vehicle, reportedly killing Her Imperial Highness upon impact. Princess Anoushka was hit by the blast as well as a piece of debris from the explosion. Paramedics reportedly declared the Crown Princess dead at the scene whilst Princess Anoushka (Now Crown Princess, Royal Governor and Protector of both Veldunium and Jalbetrer) has been taken to the city Hospital where anonymous sources have informed us she is in a critical condition. The National Guard (which was assigned to guard the two princess) has not yet make any comment, however anonymous sources within the National Guard which have been verified by the VelBC report that a low ranking officer //Obersturmführer Marinus van der Lubbe has been missing since the attack. 

Joachim Peiper, Vice-Chancellor of Veldunium and leader of the National Socialist Veld Workers party has condemned the attack as “a crime against the Veld people” and has promised that the perpetrators will "face the fullest extent of the law."

The State Chancellor Sigurður Jóhannsson is yet to make any comment and is not believed to be in parliament nor the chancellery building leaving many wondering about his whereabouts during this time of crisis.

VelBC will make more information available as this story develops.

Crown Princess Anoushka dies from injuriesEdit

Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Anoushka has died from injuries sustained during the attack that also killed Crown Princess Isabella two months ago. It has been confirmed by the Royal House of Darpar-Mecoo that Her Imperial Highness died at 02:00 this morning. The now Crown Prince, Callum VIII and Prince Sheridan were present when the Crown Princess died. 

In accordance with Mecoo tradition, the Crown Princess’s heart will be cut out and placed in the tomb under the White-Gold Tower. A joint funeral will take place, however a date has not been confirmed.

Crown Prince Callum VIII appointed himself as Federal representative upon returning to the Spring Palace in Poliquen.

Obersturmführer Marinus van der Lubbe wanted for assassinationsEdit

Obersturmführer Marinus van der Lubbe, an officer in the Veld National Guard has been names by police as the prime suspect in the investigation of Crown Princess Isabella’s and Crown princess Anoushka’s assassination. Police have also revealed that they believe the Obersturmführer may have been part of a Jalb nationalist group operating within Veldunium’s majority Jalb region in the west. Obersturmführer van der Lubbe, who is a Jalb, had previously been reprimanded for participating in political activity relating to Jalb Unification whilst in uniform five years ago.

Police have asked that if sighted, the public are not to approach him and report his whereabouts to the police or National Guard immediately as he is likely to be armed.

Chancellor Jóhannsson to step downEdit

In a speech to the Reichstag today, Chancellor Jóhannsson has announced that he will stand down at the end of the day following an agreement within the coalition. Mr Jóhannsson has experience record low opinion ratings since the assassination of the Crown Princess’. The coalition has also agreed that the Deputy Chancellor Joachim Peiper shall take his place. Anonymous insiders’ within the National Front have said that they are worried about the increase in members defecting to the National Socialist and that the party leadership is fearful that some MPs may soon follow suit.

Nonambar News: Archie Bradley killed amidst explosion - 576AEREdit

(from announcements)

Large explosions have erupted around and within the Bradley Manor in Nonambar Hastiga. Smoke now fumes from the building as shattered glass and ornaments decorate the floor. The attack on the Bradley Manor took place at 8:45pm and is believed to have been committed by a group of seven attackers who overwhelmed a light security force on the side of the complex. In all the destruction it is believed that the Duke Edward Bradley was not currently present at the manor, but is presumed to have been the target of the explosion. Thus the Duke is safe. Whilst this is the case, it is known that there have been several casualties including three workers and Duke Edward’s first son, Archie Bradley, aged 31. The death of the Duke’s son will likely cause a period of mourning across the State of Hastiga and a suspending of campaigning in the current ongoing independence referendum.

Although police officers have secured the site of the explosion and apprehended two of the seven suspects it is unknown if more explosions are littered across the manor and the city of Nonambar. Large crowds of Hastigan people, both independence campaigners and Unionists have surrounded the manor in curiosity now that the scene has been secured and are believed to be waiting for further news. 

Whilst very little is known about the attackers it is believed that it was motivated by strong unionist groups who fear the Duke’s involvement may lead to a leave vote later next year. Some media outlets have been fast to point fingers, Nonambar FM claiming the United People and their political chairman ‘Nicolai Vestergaard’ are responsible for stoking up tensions about the Bradley family. Some even claiming he should be prosecuted. 

We’ll deliver more news as it comes in. 

Emergency ISS Report 579AER ~ Attack on the Emperor ~ - 579AEREdit

For Privileged Eyes Only

Number 20 Monarch Street,

Corrintrin, ISS Headquarters, 22KL 9LY,

Office of Director Constantine

Acting on a tip off from an informant from inside the Party of Falleen Communists, ISS agents have broken up a terrorist cell in City of Corrintrin itself. 

In the early morning of the 24th, ISS agents in Corrintrin led a raid accompanied with police escort on a number of properties associated with the suspects. There they found a large stockpile of improvised explosives, including mines and grenades. There were also caches of military grade Red Federation weaponry, including rifles and handguns. Upon further investigation passports were discovered and it would seem these terrorists where home grown, citizens of the Empire. All associated in some form to the Communist Party of Falleentium. In all, the ISS identified and arrested five of the seven of the suspects wanted in relation to these raids, they included: two men from Entloland, two men from Hastiga and one man of Bolnominum descent living in Corrintrin. The last two, a man and woman of Kaarnor descent were absent during the raids and were declared wanted fugitives.

From initial interrogation of the suspects, the ISS learned that an attack was being planned on the capital. The suspects refused to specify where and so the ISS took measures to guarantee the security of the city's key locations, including, the Royal Palace, Parliament and the Grand Temple. Two days passed and the ISS was notified of the Emperor's intention to observe religious ceremonies at the Grand Temple. The ISS advised against this, but alleviated when it was assured security would be increased for the event. 

As the Emperor began his journey from the Royal Palace to the Grand Temple, crowds began gathering along the route. Initial reports indicate an excess of over 50,000 people lined the route to from the Palace to the Temple. ISS agents were on heightened alert, with 120 agents deployed in the field in various capacities, including crowd surveillance, security detailing and as members of the procession. As the Emperor ascended the steps of the Grand Temple with his bodyguards in tow, a sudden explosion ripped through the back of the crowd and a series of muffled gunshots and screams from the very fringe of the gathering could be heard triggering a sudden surge from the crowd which threatened to overflow the police barrier as contagious mass hysteria induced a stampede. 

The Emperor's escort formed a protective ring around the Emperor and quickly began ushering the Emperor to safety. As this happened the barriers broke, and people began flooding into the Grand Temple's promenade for safety. As the escort neared the motorcade a series of more gunshots rang out and into the mass of bodyguards escorting the Emperor, felling, 5 of them. The bodyguards returned fire into the crowd, killing one of the attackers who was using the crowd as a shield.  The other attacker, attempted to flee on foot but was picked up by crowd surveillance and confronted by ISS agents whom proceeded to have an exchange of gunfire with the attacker. The attacker was killed in this exchange and two ISS agents injured.

Unofficial reports tally the number of dead at 190 including 3 of the Emperor's personal security detail. The tally for the injured is well over 900.

The ISS, in this trying interim period, recommends the Emperor take immediate steps to increase the security detail of his person and continue to schedule all future events and public appearances with the ISS. In the meantime, the ISS pledges to do its utmost to determine who the mastermind behind this attack was and who financed it.

This report was written with first-hand accounts of ISS field agents deployed in the field, such information may be subject to change upon further investigation. The contents of this report have been shared with the Home Office as well as the Imperial Chancellory. Details of the ISS' involvement with this operation have also been sent to the ISS' sister branches.

Director Theodore M. Constantine of His Majesty's Imperial Security Service.

Imperial Office: Announcement from the EmperorEdit

Dear Citizens of the Falleen Empire. I am okay.

The cowardly attack on me failed but unfortunately not without any losses.

A yet unknown but large number of people have meaningless lost their lives because of insane people's desire to kill Me and do as much harm to our Nation as possible. Many have been injured and many are still in critical conditions.

All my thoughts - and my family's thoughts - goes to the victims and their families, and those who have been injured in this cowardly terrorist attack.

I am deeply grateful to the people who made a great effort to ensure My and the citizens' safety in the best possible way as they could. And I am very proud of the efforts you have made against those evil people who have hurt us so deeply!

But we must remember to stay together and strong. Together we will overcome the evil!

Your Emperor.

Bloody Anti-Police Attack Shocks the Capital - 581AEREdit

There was a foul taste in the air this morning, despite the sunlight warming his face Alexander felt a certain discomfort. He arrived at the Corrintrin Directorate of National and State Police and quickly made his way up to the Director's Office, passing by his secretary to pick up the latest news. Director Roger Fulcanus and Alexander Gester singhed mutualy as they were reading the front page: “Corrintrin Shocked by anti-Police Terror”. Last night was the scene of the 23’th brutal killing of an policeman in just a month. 

Alexander's career had been rapid and tumultuous. Born as a son of the noble Gestor Family, a family that would in distant past hold the title of “Duke of Entloland”. A broken heart and boring noble life forced Alexander into the Imperial Military, witnessing some of the bloodiest battles in recent history and losing his left eye in the process. After both his parents died in an unsolved homicide he was honourably discharged from the military to take charge of his families estate. But instead of returning to Entloland he decided to pursue a Law Degree at the Frederick III University in Corrintrin.

It was during a guest lecture by the Director of the National Police that he met his mentor: Roger Fulcanus. After finishing his bachelor's and master's in cum laude with extra honours Alexander started his career at the National Police. Starting with work on the ground he quickly worked himself up to become the National Commissar for Heavy Armed Police Action and a trusted confidant of Roger Fulacanus.

Today marked the funeral of a dozen police officers who lost their lives in the past month. Although some could be contributed to increased normal criminalities, most murders seemed to be targeted and especially brutal against officers of the National and State Police. In light of the investigation the police couldn't reveal much more. Director Fulcanus and Alexander were supposed to honour the fallen officers personally but instead Director Fulcanus had another idea: “Alexander, instead of wasting time on a funeral I need you to go over to the site of the latest murder and head the investigation yourself. They keep hitting higher ranked targets, see if you can work with that information. 

Alexander would quickly check last night's results of the Graanor FC game before making his way to the widowed wife and children of this 23th victim in order to gather personal information. While talking to her about the enemies her late husband might have made the radio broadcasted the funeral service.

“Now the Officers of the Honour Guard will fire 20 shots, one for each of the fallen heroes. Tim Henetty, Oleg Chergovisch, Ulan Hermantown, Ben Morrison, Aerelis Nulinter, Karl Gra…”, a loud bang would broadcast from the radio before the transmission descended into a deafening silence. Alexander knew that this couldn't be right, interrupting the fine lady he had been talking with he rushed for the officers investigating outside and ordered his personal column of cars to rush towards the Cathedral where the service was held. 

What he found there what a sight of death and despair. A blast had blown away almost half of the Cathedral and body parts littered the streets. An estimate of 120 Officers attending the funeral had lost their lives, including most of the Directorate Board of the National and State Police and Director Roger Fulcanus himself. 

Arriving back at the National Directorate of National and State Police he found that somebody had used the confusion to set fire to the multiple evidence rooms inside the building, including the room that contained proof for the Anti-Police Murders Case. 

Being the last living member of the Directorate Board and the highest ranked officer inside the National and State Police the young Alexander Gestor was named as Director of the National Police. After a day of tireless work he appeared in the central hall of the Police Directorate to speak to his crying and discouraged colleagues. 


Today marks the bloodiest day in the history of our department. More than a hundred colleagues lost their lives today in an act of violent terrorism. True man, loyal to the Empire, with passion to the law and a yearning to justice. 

Yes, we could see this as the nail in our coffin and give up our hard work. But what justice would that do to our fallen comrades? None! For the memory of my mentor and your former Director, Roger Fulcanus I will return to this office tomorrow and all day after that. But I won't be able to seek vengeance for this day by myself, I need a Police Corps that finds the motivation to go beyond what we considered our jobs till today. 

If I find all of you noble gentleman at your desks tomorrow I promise you that I will not take a moments rest before these vile terrorist have been brought to justice. If God brings me to the edge of the world for that cause, then so be it. We will find the monsters responsible for the deaths of our comrades. 

Now, go home and embrace your families. Enjoy the warmth that our fallen colleagues will never know again and find the burning desire to show up tomorrow, armed to the teeth with vengeance and motivation.”

Following this Alexander Gestor send out a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to be granted special emergency power regarding this particular investigation, followed by a request to appear before the Chamber of Deputies in order to make a case for measures that will ensure safety of National Police Officers. Finally the Emperor has been asked to pay a visit to the Directorate of National and State Police in order to inspire and boost morale.