Verzooium is the northern most state and the largest state in Fallentium, on first glance apart from several locations in the south it appears to be a very cold icy land with very little life. However, if given a keener glance life is abundant there including the snow lion a large powerful beast twice the weight and size of a normal lion this beast has had its place in Verzanian myth and legend for 1000's of years. In one legend it is said that a northern tribe befriended a family of them and when attacked by invaders from the south the presence of these lion was enough to turn this army of 40,000 men in a full retreat from only 500 northern tribesmen. 

Snow lion

An ancient painting of a snow lion with its green fur to look like plants to attract prey

The state is also very rich in Oil and other rare metals and minerals, the 2 largest companies controlling the northern oil fields are Standard Oil and Northern Oil they are constantly at loggerheads for more dominance, standard Oil in larger all round due to its off shore Oil fields and that its part of standard company which involves a whole other range of stuff.

The population are very patriotic and since being occupied the Verzanian population has wanted to gain independence and reform the Verzanian empire under its banner, but due to the lack of coordinated uprisings and unable to defend the entire state long border it is unlikely it will succeed.